Endo/george recap

George killed me on Thursday the 16th, and I did more napping than studying that day because of the pain and the drugs.
Still, this cycle overall was less painful, with moderate pain on Wednesday and Severe pain on Thursday. Usually I have two to three days of severe pain. I wonder if it’s because I was a good girl and ate spinach twice every day and remembered to take my calcium vitamins every day this time around.
The downside to this cycle is that I bloated very badly, and I attribute that to a major junk food binge due to out-of-control cravings. Even now, I’m really swollen to the point that my lower legs and tops of my feet are sore to the touch, and my fingers are bloated.
George is nearly gone today, and I didn’t have any pain today. He should be completely gone by tomorrow night, making his stay a total of six days.

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