Day 4 of the July cycle

A break in the debilitating pain overnight. Everything ceased, but for the throbbing low back pain. I was fine this morning, til a few minutes ago. This is the last attack – the ‘last gasp’ as my husband calls it – then I’m golden for a couple of weeks.

But right now, I’d rather be out of my body while this is happening. There’s a vice grip on my left ovary, and it’s twisting. The pain is causing moderate nausea.

I just spent the past half hour doing an acupressure move as found in “Fibroid Tumors & Endometriosis Self Help Book” by Susan M. Lark. I added something to the position, though. I had tried it her way years ago, but in 2007 I found by adding a heating pad under the lower back while laying down increased the pain relief by a lot. So I did that again today when the pain had ramped up too quickly for me to get meds down.

Push thumbs into upper arms for acupressure points
Note heating pads under lower back and upper back

Now I’m sitting straight up against the arm of the couch, cross-legged, with two heating pads behind me. I’m still waiting for all this to pass; there’s been very little blood with all this terrible pain. At least the drugs have kicked in for the dissociative part. Forgot to mention earlier – as soon as the pain hit, it immediately spiked, and I downed a whole Tylenol 3 and three Advil gel-caps. I swear, I shot it with some brandy, hoping it would help the drugs absorb into my bloodstream faster. Seems to have worked, though it’s speculation at this point. I got the idea from “The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook”, by Johanna Budwig. In it, she mentions serving some champagne to the very ill person with their meal so that everything, including the patient’s meds, absorbs faster. Well I didn’t have any champagne, so I worked with what I had.

2 Responses to “Day 4 of the July cycle”

  1. Foxy

    I’m sorry you’re struggling. I know exactly how you feel – I regularly take painkillers a day or two before I actually need it. It makes my brain go to mush but I don’t have much choice… I hope you’re feeling golden for longer and longer each cycle. Well, we can dream, can’t we?

  2. steph

    Heh, yeah, we can dream. Thanks for your comment – I’m just sorry I didn’t see it until now!

    I often take Ibuprofen for a few days before my cycle. I hate to be on the narcotics for any longer than I have to, though.