Hormones may increase asthma risk
Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Original story at canada.com.

Hormone supplements may be linked to yet another health problem in women: asthma.

A study found that women who use hormones during menopause run double the risk of developing the respiratory ailment.

The study was not as rigorous as landmark research halted in 2002 after more hormone users developed heart problems and breast cancer than women given dummy pills. And the overall risk of developing asthma late in life is slim.

Still, the findings might be something women want to consider when debating whether to take hormones for hot flashes and other menopause symptoms, said lead researcher Dr. Graham Barr of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

"For women who have severe asthma that develops later in life, they may want to consider a trial of stopping hormone replacement therapy to see if this alleviates their condition," Barr said.