When I was younger, I had a heart murmur that worried the doctors. So whenever I had to go to the orthodontist to get my braces worked on, I had to take antibiotics before the visit, to remove the possibility of bacteria entering my bloodstream through my mouth.

In this journal entry, I’m not sure if I was referring to myself throwing up from period pain or from the pre-medication antibiotics for my next dental appointment, because my period was happening around this time, too.

Dear Diary,

Mr. Abdo (the principal) gave us all a speech on how he wants to make this prison a better place. Here’s some of the things he mentioned:

  1. “No kissing or hugging in the halls or you get reported to the office.” I suppose we’re supposed to knife each other instead!
  2. “Don’t wear coats, gloves, jackets, sunglasses, gloves, scarfs, etc to class.” Okay, but why don’t you try turning on the heat!!!
  3. “No more going to the bathroom ever, unless you have a pass!” What if I throw up again?? What if my teacher won’t let me go and I leave anyway??

I swear, this school is a prison. I mean, even the teachers complain! We have special names like if you skip some of your classes you’re A.W.O.L! Yeah, and if you get a couple days off or a vacation, you’re on Parol!! Yeah!

Well, I gotta go now. There’s about 2 minutes to the bell.

I might write 4th hour.


March 12, 1987