Need to eliminate alcohol and sugar from my diet!

One thing I forgot to mention. Either last Friday or last Saturday,
the first 24 hours of george, I took two swigs of liquor – it’s tasty
chocolate liquor and I was craving chocolate so there ya go.
Well, within 5 minutes I was cramping with all hell and felt nauseated
to boot.
I had been FINE up til that point. The first day of george usually
does not give me cramps – it’s been that way for a few years now.

Not wanting to feel that pain again, I swore off booze for a month.

You heard me, I swore off booze.

Oh trust me, I’ve already been having withdrawls. It’s no secret that
I’m a “boozy beggar who could think you under the table.”

My first alcoholic addiction was at age 16 when I’d steal swigs of
Johnny Walker Red from a fifth in my mum’s dresser drawer.

So this is going to be an emotionally painful month, but I HAVE to
do it. I HAVE to see whether alcohol, rightly considered a staple
in my diet, has been a major contributing factor to my monthly george

Since the year 2000, I’ve eradicated cow, pig, chicken, lamb, duck
and deer (and all similar type animals) from my diet in an effort
to pin down what’s causing all this pain every month for me.

I’m still doubling over in pain every month.

In the dairy department, I’ve switched to rice and soy milk instead
of cow milk. I’ve switched to soy cheese whenever possible, or organic
cheese also whenever possible. I’ve switched to organic eggs, too.

I’m still doubling over in pain every month.

I added more green vegetables to my diet, such as spinach and broccoli
and beans.

I’m still doubling over in pain every month.

Guess what I’ve neglected to adjust in my diet?

Sugar intake in the form of pop, candy, chocolate, juice, liquours,
coffee, pasta and breads, and other carbs that convert to sugar courtesy
of my already-damaged pancreas (I had pancreatitis in 1993).

So I’m going to have to swear off sugar, too.

That will fling me into severe withdrawls worse than the sobriety
will, and I’ll probably not be very pleasant to be around for quite
some time.

But I HAVE to do it.

I’ve tried before. I really have. And I’ve failed every time. I may
fail again. It’s highly likely. But I’ll at least try again.

One step at a time. Let me get over booze withdrawl first. My friend
is visiting this weekend from Seattle. He’s a known heavy boozer like
me. If I can survive this weekend, I’m good, and then I can progress
to restricting sugar with brute force.

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