Busy, busy

Yesterday kicked off my “george is over” post menstrual manic hyper overdoing it phase, but I’m SO happy to be done with george again!

This morning I drove across the bay, where I met up with another friend, who treated me to a day at The Legion of Honor, where we viewed the After the Ruins exhibit, which takes photos from the great 1906 earthquake, and compares them to photos of the same locations in SF today. It’s really neat, and sobering, given the fact that I live on the Hayward Fault, which is supposed to ‘go’ anytime between now and 2030.

We also had a look at the art in the rest of the museum, and my two favourite pieces were The Russian Bride’s Attire, by Konstantin Makovsky, and The Dead Soldier, by Joseph Wright.
My friend had predicted that I’d be awed by The Russian Bride’s Attire. :)
The Dead Soldier just made me want to cry, given the current war in Iraq, along with other campaigns the U.S. is waging. I’ve been so upset since day one by the bloodshed that the Dubya Regime has ordered.

After we viewed art, we went walking and enjoyed the beautiful view just outside of the Legion of Honor (I’ll have to resize pix and then remember to post them…).

After a full day, I came home and cleaned in preparation for Vernal Equinox, which will happen at 10:26am PST tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow, I need to get up, bicycle for an hour, and then run off to volunteer my services to feed a movie crew, who are filming in the East Bay.
Then, if I’m not dead by then from exhaustion, I may keep up my commitment to go to Death Guild (it’ll be the third week in a row if I make it!).

The rest of this week entails my volunteer work, bicycling and registering for another state teacher test, capped off with a 60-mile bicycle ride on Saturday.

After that, I go into hiding for some Steph Time, and prepare to dig in for another round of studying.

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  1. Sexypants

    W00t! Sounds like a great time! The After the Ruins exhibit looks really nifty.