George hates me.

Woke up from a dream this morning where I was commanding into a cell phone, “Are you there? WAKEY WAKEY!”

So I woke up and realised george was moments away from making a horrible mess. Took care of myself and that’s when the cramps began.

So, I guess eating my weight in spinach for the past two days really didn’t help me, after all. I didn’t have such excruciating pain for the first day of george, and the second day it got painful enough to take a Tylenol 3 on a full stomach (which thankfully didn’t alter me from my studies), but this morning was BAD.

I took Tylenol 3 on an empty stomach about three hours ago and I’m still stoned. The pain has moved into my lower back and the squid are continuous, hence the pain.

This of course inhibits my attention and visual focus by… a lot.

Still, I’ll see what I can do ’til I pass out from the meds.

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