No seriously, I *do* get hot flashes. Why doesn’t anyone believe me?

My friends and family have always rolled their eyes at me whenever I’ve said I’m having a hot flash. They always inform me that only menopausal women get hot flashes. I’ve never believed them. I’ve known since I was a teenager that there’s something very wrong with my menstrual cycle.

Last night, I froze my ass off. My body was literally nipple popping cold. Outside, it was 42°F. Inside, it hovered around 68°F, and my boyfriend said he was chilly, too. But I knew he’d warm up pretty quick under the blankets.
When I went to bed, I crawled under three blankets. I had on long pajama bottoms and a sweatshirt. I wore a HAT to bed.

After a half an hour of shivering, I asked if I could turn on the heater fan, and was granted permission. It sucks when your sweetie is the complete opposite in the body temperature department. He endures a hot house all the time. He doesn’t have to, but he does.

Around 2am, I woke up sweating, and turned off the heater fan.
This morning, I got up and was instantly cold again. My boyfriend had been in the living room with the doorwall open, and I whined that it was cold, so he closed the door.

An hour later, I was standing in line at the bank, when all of a sudden my face felt hot. Then my chest felt hot. Then my lower trunk/abdomen felt hot. I felt sweaty and had low level nausea, and then … light to moderate cramps began.

I stayed this way for about an hour, sweating hot the whole time. I came home, threw the laundry in the wash, and opened up all the windows in the apartment.

Twenty-five minutes later, I got a shiver that started in my back, and the nausea and light cramps and sweating hotness gave way to cold shivering.

This is not the flu. This is george. And that little bastard isn’t even SHOWING himself on the outside, yet.

Now all the windows are closed again, and I gotta go get my laundry, so hopefully that will warm me back up for a few minutes.

I can’t wait until my boyfriend’s domestic partner insurance kicks in. Hopefully his job won’t sack the department before I can see a doctor again.

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