Still studyin’ for the state test…

It is obvious to me from my last post that yesterday I had a really bad case of Manic OCD.

I really think I need to start looking at how to manage that. I’d have days on the job when I’d not get any work done if an episode came on. Research/browsing web on company time…all day…until the OCD issue was resolved. It’s not good.

Right, so anyway, today I got back with the program and spent roughly seven hours studying history again. The test is less than a week away now, and I’m only just over half-way through the material for Subtest I (Reading/language/literature, History, Social Science). I’ve yet to study anything under Subtest II (Math and Science) or Subtest III (Physical Education, and Visual/performing arts).

I know I won’t pass the first time around. I have two chances to make up the areas that I fail or cannot complete in the allotted time frame. Based on the fact that I have two more chances to pass, I’m not freaking out. But still, right now I feel rushed, and I hate that.

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