Day 15 of the yeast-free diet

All this past week, I’ve been craving sugar relentlessly. I blame it on PMS.
I drank two of my boyfriend’s Minute Maid sugar free drinks, and I’m still eating the wretched Atkins “protein” candy bars. Out of five of those Atkins bars, which I bought on April 30th (so nine days ago) two remain. That’s really good, because they’re really nasty. It took me three days to get through the first one I tried, it was so sweet. That sucralose crap is …. well you already know.

Due to my PMS sugar and carb cravings, I even went and bought Sweet ‘n Low coffee flavoured hard candy. I’ve only had once piece, which is about the size of a peanut. The aftertaste was so nasty that I found myself guzzling water for the next hour.

I’m thinking of buying my own case of the Minute Maid sugar free drinks, because they actually taste the best out of all the fake sugar stuff so far. I’ve already gotten myself some Calistoga flavoured carbonated water and have been sipping that.

On the salt craving front, I’ve increased consumption of the Trader Joe’s corn tortilla salted sesame sugar free/yeast free flatbread crackers, enjoying up to 3 servings a day of those. Oh and salted almonds – I’m loving those. Trying to remember to keep intake on both the almonds and the crackers to a minimum but the past couple days have been food craving hell.

Food in general has been pretty boring since going on this diet. Breakfast has actually been the most exciting so far. I’ve been eating yeast-free waffles since April 30th when I discovered them. I can also eat eggs, so I’ll scramble those up with some soy cheese and fake bacon or fake breakfast sausage links. I’ve gone back to drinking soy milk (rice milk has too many carbs, and carbs convert to sugar). I can also do a rice cake w/ almond butter for breakfast, but it doesn’t really fill me up.

For snacks, I can have almonds, Trader Joe’s yeast-free salted sesame crackers, a rice cake w/ almond butter, or sunflower seeds.

For lunch and dinner, I can eat a turkey patty with a slice of fake cheese, or baked chicken and green beans, or fake spicy sausage (can’t have real red meats, only white meats). Tonight I baked up some Trader Joe’s pre-marinated mahi-mahi – it was awesome so I’ll be buying that again.

There’s other stuff I can make, but I just haven’t found my creative niche yet.

I’ll weigh myself again on Friday or Saturday after george leaves.

On the george front, the pain has been terrible from the moment george arrived. I mean, I was having moderate cramps two days before he arrived, which is a bit unusual. I’ve been drugged silly for about the past 32 hours. SO drugged in fact, that this afternoon at 1pm, some kid in our building accidentally shot someone dead and I didn’t even know it. My boyfriend just read about it and told me. Crazy!
I didn’t expect the pain level to subside on this cycle due to the diet, and now I’m wondering if I should expect the pain to subside at all. I’ve had this intense pain since the age of 15 (that’s going on 20 years), but until now, I’ve never once had a sugar-free, yeast-free diet. So maybe this will help…maybe it won’t.
I think if I can convince myself that sugar is lethal poison, then I can stay on this diet indefinitely. We’ll see…

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