Diet Report #2

Today we are at week four of the yeast-free/sugar-free diet.
I weighed in at 172 lbs (78kg), which is a total for one month of 9 lbs (4kg) lost!

In the first seven days of the diet, I went from 181 lbs (82kg) to 176 lbs (79kg).
In the second week of the diet, I dropped another two pounds. And over the past two weeks, I’ve lost a pound per week.

I could be losing more if I’d get back on my damned bicycle…

As far as this diet impacting george, well I just went through my first cycle on this diet as you know, and it wasn’t any less painful than usual. I didn’t expect it to be. I don’t expect to feel less pain until month three or four, honestly. If I still have a lot of pain at month four, I may continue this diet out to the six month mark.
If nothing has changed in six months pain-wise, then I’ll go back to eating yeasty foods, but I am getting the hang of being sugar-free, so I may continue on with that.

The awesome side benefit to this diet, along with the weight loss, is that I haven’t experienced ANY* hypoglycemic attacks!! I can go up to six hours at a time without eating a meal and not have a sugar crash! It’s been WONDERFUL!!!
Prior to this diet when I had regular sugar intake through drinks and chocolates and other sugary foods, I couldn’t ever go longer than three and a half hours before experiencing a debilitating hypoglycemic attack.
So yeah, I may make the sugar-free part of the diet permanent.

*Well, I had experienced one or two attacks during george, when my hormones were wonky anyway. So only when george is around now, can I expect to feel hypoglycemic (as well as anemic), so obviously that’s the next thing to work on is more protein and iron intake.

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