Diet Report #4

Last week, I found some sugar-free cereal so I tried it out. For the rest of the day, I had severe indigestion. The cereal is whole wheat.
A few days ago, I tried the cereal again, and I got indigestion, stomach gurgle, puffy eyes, tingly nose and general irritibility.
So now wheat is out. The waffles I’ve been eating are wheat-free, thankfully. I need some semblance of bread in my diet!

I’d called my mom the other day to ask what my childhood allergies were. She grabbed the list she’s kept all these years and said she’d send it to me. My allergies are: tomato, corn, citrus, egg & dairy, wheat, feathers, dust, cotton lint, grass, trees, and mold/penicillin.

Of those, I know that my allergies to mold/penicillin are severe, followed by dust and lint and feathers, followed by fresh-cut grass. The others, I’d forgotten about over the years, and now it’s caught up with me.

So now, along with new restrictions based on the above, I’ve also just confirmed why soy cheese makes my stomach gurgly and makes me feel crappy after eating it – because they put casein in it and call it vegan! Bastard Dickweeds!

But that’s not all! Many of the soy-protein fake meat products out there contain “yeast extract”, which is really MSG!!


So now I REALLY have to learn how to cook.


But the good news is, I’ve lost 2 more pounds! I’m now at 170lbs (77kg).

OH, and I ate asparagus again tonight and I’ve been fine.

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