george hates me.

George is two days late, but he arrived today. The cramps were on time, however – they arrived on Friday in lieu of bleedy do0m. The cramps were enough that I took 800mg Ibuprofen all day. Then yesterday, I endured the cramps and went for a walk around Park Street with my boyfriend. Most of the cramping has been in my lower back, instead of in the front parts.

Got up this morning in terrible pain – I swear, I felt brittle and bone-breaky just trying to move to get out of bed, my lower back hurt so bad. I considered taking a Tylenol 3 just on that alone but being more stubborn than whimpery, I waited it out.
When george finally made his appearance, the cramps intensified, this time in the front bits as well as the lower back, and I finally threw up the white flag and reached for the Tylenol 3 and my heating pad.

I’m good and drugged, now. But the part I hate most about being on Tylenol 3 is that it makes me hungry. I’ve just eaten breakfast no more than 40 minutes ago, and I’m starving again already because of the effect of the codeine.

Oh, and it’s hard to breathe when on codeine. I’m only on one pill, mind you, which is 300mg Tylenol and 30mg codeine, and I feel like I’m out of breath. Usually though it’s not so bad. I think I’m just still fighting the downtime. I WANT to be up and active and doing stuff – it’s a beautiful warm sunny day outside.
What I need to do is just accept that I need to be bedridden for the next few days.

I’m gonna go watch the stash of documentaries I rented specifically for downtime.

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