well, this week certainly sucked…

Friday – had emotional meltdown due to lack of sugar in diet and onset of PMS and stress over being unemployed. That same day, I got an email from a company my friend works for, asking me what my availability is for interviewing with them. I’d had a phone interview on Monday the 24th (forgot to tell ya about that), and I was not feeling too confident about how it all went. Firstly, I wasn’t looking for that job. My friend told me to send him my resume so I did. Few days later, phone call pop quiz on what I know about junior system administration and tech support. It was a neat call and I giggled when I got answers right because it’s been so long since I’ve done some of this stuff. I shrugged after the call – since I wasn’t expecting to get that job, I won’t be disappointed if I get rejected. Then on Friday the 28th they emailed me. I set up an appointment for May 13.

Monday – woke up to find my neck/shoulder went out again. So now we’re up to four times in the past 12 months (November, February, March, May). Spent all day on 800mg Ibuprofen. Also spent the day trying to configure a Macintosh monitor for a PC running Linux to no avail. That evening, I got a frantic call. I sped to SF and spent 4 hours in hospital E.R. with friend who had complications to her medication, then spent another 4 hours sitting with her at home to make sure she was okay. Took a muscle relaxer that night for the neck pain/stiffness.

Tuesday – emergency appointment with masseuse to beat the knot out of my shoulder. Slept most of the rest of the day. Still couldn’t tilt my head to the left or look over my left shoulder.

Wednesday – Had a date with the boyfriend (so one good ray of sunshine this week!). Also, still couldn’t tilt my head to the left or look over my left shoulder.

Thursday – Cleaned the house due to XXTREME NESTING as a result of PMS. Went to pick up my friend at train station, got lost. While trying to get my bearings, car overheated for the first time ever. Had to stop at a gas station for 40 mins to let it cool down. Added antifreeze and water, which drained out. Kept adding anyway – maybe it’ll hold a couple miles. Car cooled down – fired ‘er back up, drove a couple miles, overheated again, stalling this time right in front of a train station. Not the same station my friend was at though, so she got back on the train and came to the stop I was at. Called another friend who picked us up and dropped us at my place. I just left my car at the station overnight.
My back HAD started to feel better until the stress of being late for my friend, then my car dying twice hit me. So I went right back to not being able to tilt my head to the left, and looking over my left shoulder was quite difficult.
One bit of good news Thursday night was that my friend gave me a 19″ monitor for my linux box (the other one died a few months back and the mac monitor wouldn’t configure correctly). I took a muscle relaxer for the pain last night.

Friday – Boyfriend dropped me at nearest train station. Took train to station where my car was parked. No harm to it overnight – good. Still won’t start. Called for a tow. The towing was free, thanks to me getting good insurance coverage. Got towed back to the island, where I left the car again, and walked a mile and a half (2km) home. Experienced mild cramps as I walked because george is due to arrive today, but I was pleasantly distracted by all the Victorian mansions along Grand Avenue. When I grow up, I want to live in one of those homes!

So now I’m waiting to hear back from the auto shop. They look really busy so it could be a couple days. That’s fine, since I expect to be bedridden within the next 24 hours anyway due to george. Good timing in that I don’t have a job, but I have to have transportation to the job interview next Friday.

Oh, and of course, I still can’t tilt my head to the left or look over my left shoulder.

2 Responses to “well, this week certainly sucked…”

  1. Heather

    Holy smokes!
    I hope you get the job. I hope your neck and shoulder feel better.

    I have been missing you like crazy lately. It does not help when my friend across the street talks about her best friend moving back here. So jealous…


  2. zept

    Thanks girl.
    I miss you too, but any moving would have to be ya’ll comin’ to California, not me movin’ back there. ;)