2nd day off work

I just called in sick again. I was worried I could be fired, but the boss said she understands my pain, and not to worry, this absence doesn’t reflect on me, but please could I try to make it in tomorrow. I told her I felt sure that this would be the worst phase of george, so yeah, I’ll be in tomorrow.

I also cancelled the trip to Yosemite with my boyfriend and friend. We’re all bummed, but my boy and I were panicked about having enough time to pack for moving day, and then of course this missing work on account of george didn’t help my panic issues.

Right. So now there’s more time to recover, and more time to pack, and I promised I’d be in to work on July 3rd, which made the boss happy.

Now I go fall down for a limited time until management comes in to do a preliminary walkthrough, to advise me on how best to fix up the place to ensure we get all of our deposit back. Now THAT’S a turnaround! This place is such a slum, with real live slumlords, and then they do something nice like this. Weird.

4 Responses to “2nd day off work”

  1. elsewhere

    There’s a major business in Australia (general motors?) who allow women to take one day off a month for george. It’s part of their workplace agreement.

  2. patricia

    I’m so glad you have an understanding boss about george. That has got to be such a relief for you and so much easier to take a few days off so you can take care of yourself during this painful time. So when do you go in for surgery?

  3. zept

    elsewhere: holy crap, GM allows for that? I’m amazed, considering that I once worked for an insurance company that put GM employees on disability in the U.S., and GM is all about getting employees back to work at any cost, whether sick, injured or dying. They’re always taking away disability money after a company doctor rules the person to be fit for work.

    patricia: yeah, she’s understanding to a degree. We’ll find out next month if she’s still sympathetic, when I have to take 2-3 more days off again when the pain returns.
    On that note, surgery is a go, but when I called to set a date, our GYN wasn’t in the office. So I’ll check back after the move to the new place. I’m hoping for September 21, which is about 3-4 days after george is set to end September’s torture campaign on my uterus and surrounding parts. And more importantly, I want to set surgery for AFTER my birthday, but of course george intends to try and ruin that for me, too.

  4. Heather

    Take care of yourself, Sis.
    Sorry to hear you all cancelled your trip. But I know how much you’d be stressing about the move while you were there, so it wouldn’t end up be relaxing.
    Do you have any breathing time this weekend?