We had a moving sale on Saturday and got rid of a lot of crap. I made $14 and took the stuff that didn’t sell over to the goodwill store.
Afterwards, my boyfriend treated me to a sushi dinner at our favourite place in the South Bay! Mmmm mmm good. I even brought my own wheat-free soy sauce along. This is the second time I’ve done this, and I’ve had no complaints from restaurant staff.

I weighed myself on Monday – 164 lbs (74kg), so I gained a pound. It’s likely related to george, cuz he arrived on Tuesday. I’ve probably gained a couple more pounds since then.

Oh and I had another job interview on Monday. It was for yet another dotcom. I’m not too thrilled about what they do (TV and radio for one’s cell phone) or who founded the company (a bunch of ex military and NASA guys), but it would be a chance to really break into tech writing officially, as opposed to being the guy nominated to document processes on contract jobs. I’ve been wanting to become an official writer in some form for awhile now, and on top of it, they’re offering $45 – 50K salary. We’ll see how that goes. I am now waiting to hear back from them.

I went to work last night, despite the cramping from george’s first day. It wasn’t too bad. Every now and then I’d get a sharp pinch. The main problem was the lower and mid back pain. I felt my entire back tightening up, steeling against the building george pain, getting Ready For It like my back does every month. I’d taken 600mg Ibuprofen before work, and then another 600mg around 9pm.
When I got home around 12:20am, I took a Tylenol 3 and went to bed. Did I officially mention that I work the evening shift from 4:30pm – midnight? Well, now I’ve said it.

I got up this morning and I could already feel george gearing up and sharpening his tools. By 10am, I popped a Tylenol 3 for the pain, and continued to pack up the house. The pain never subsided all day, probably because of the fact that I was lifting stuff into boxes, stooping, bending, and lifting the boxes themselves after they were packed. But you know, had I not contributed to the pain in that way, I might have had a mellower morning, but as soon as I got to work, the pain would become just as bad as it is now because of the physical labour involved in what I do at work.

Before the interview for the current job, I thought I’d be standing at a machine all day, scanning books. The truth is that there have been custom scanners with a v-shaped glass built for this company. To lift the glass, you step on a pedal. But you are seated in a chair while you work, so your leg is constantly rising up and stepping down on the pedal while you sit. I’ve been on the job for five days, now, and every night when I get home, I need to pop a Tylenol 3 and/or use a heating pad to ease the mid and lower back pain.

So I could have pain now or pain later. I could achive packing now or waste time going to work, only to have to turn around an hour later and come home from the pain. So by 1pm, I called in sick. Now I’m afraid I’ll be fired, because this place isn’t like corporations – it operates more like factories do – and they can let anyone go at any time, full timer or not.
So I worry. But I wasn’t able to go in. I took another Tylenol 3 and passed out for a couple hours.
Now we’re out of boxes and I’m too stoned to go get more boxes. So there’s wasted time anyway. I’m thinking of driving while stoned…hmmm prolly a bad idea huh.

Well, I can still CLEAN.

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