Diet Report #7 and george

Yesterday I tried buckwheat pancakes.

You may think to yourself, “buckwheat is the same as wheat, isn’t it?”

It’s not.

After eating buckwheat pancakes with sugar-free syrup and a glass of rice milk yesterday morning, I had a hypoglycemic attack. I cured the attack by eating a rice cake with almond butter.

This morning there were leftover pancakes, but I did not eat them right away. Instead, I fried up a couple of eggs and ate them with 2 slices of yeast-free spelt bread and a glass of rice milk.
The eggs made me slightly nauseated.

Then I went out and ran some errands, came back, and ate the leftover pancakes with the sugar-free syrup.

This time, I got very itchy on my face, neck, shoulder and chest.

So what the hell? I get similar reaction yesterday eating buckwheat as when I ate whole wheat…yet it’s not a wheat?

So I looked it up and found out that I may actually be allergic to gluten, not just wheat in general.


That just ruins my whole day. That and george returned again after being absent all night and all morning for the second day in a row. He did this to me yesterday, then returned in the afternoon with a vengeance. I ended up taking a Tylenol 3 yesterday. I’m thinking of popping another one today.

Anyway, all gluten is out, if I can manage to pull it off. Eggs are back out of the diet again, too. I’ll try one thing at a time again in ten days on the advice of my ma, whom I spoke with today by phone. She said to never re-introduce more than one thing a day back into the diet, and to give it ten days before re-introducing the next food item. Okay.

In the meantime, I’m tired as hell. Going to lay down, now.

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