Diet Report #8

Yesterday, with my boyfriend’s domestic partner health insurance card, I looked up allergists, found one, and made an appointment for THIS MORNING.
Super fast!!

So I went in and had an official allergy test, just like the prick-test I had when I was five.

I was tested for fruits, vegetables, gluten, molds, dust mites, cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, and grass.

I warned the allergist that I was a bit afraid of getting mold on my skin because I know I react badly. But she wanted to see which molds I was most allergic to, so I let her do a panel.

The test results came back as expected – highly allergic to mold and dust (more allergic to “Eastern U.S.” dust, where I grew up. I had no idea there were different kinds of dust!), and moderately allergic to wheat and grass.
I hope to have the official printed results by the next appointment.

My back, post allergy test, with welts.

A lightened image so you can see the hives/welts.

So now I have an allergy catalogue, and I have to get dust mite cases for the mattress and box spring and pillows in the bedroom. I have to be on a gluten-free diet for 3 weeks until my next appointment. I have to get a dehumidifier.

And, the allergist strongly suspects that I have what is called Celiac Spruce. She said she’ll confirm it with a blood test when she next sees me.

See? I’m NOT a hypochondriac. I know you probably don’t think I am, but I’ve gotten shit in the past from people, so it’s good to be able to say HAH! TOLD YOU SO! ;)

And then well…it also sucks.

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