Diet Report #i lost count

So after my allergy test last Thursday where the allergist highly suspects me of having gluten intolerance, a.k.a. celiac disease (i’d already suspected this a day before the appointment, ha!)…..

We had some people over on Saturday. One of my friends made me a wonderful gluten-free dessert, so that I could enjoy some food that night! Awww, what a sweetheart!
So I had a couple of the cookies on Saturday. And a couple more on Sunday. And a couple more on Monday.

Well, by Monday, I started feeling really hungry, complete with stomach growling angrily at me, an hour or so after I’d eaten a full meal. I thought, “hmmm, I haven’t felt like this in awhile now, and I’m not PMSing, so why the gurgles and feeling starved?”
And then Monday afternoon, I felt cranky and headachey and generally like a hypoglycemic attack was coming on.
Today, along with feeling starved even though I’ve been eating, I had an actual hypoglycemic attack, and my emotions were so whacked that I ended up in tears at one point during the day.

It was then that I realised that sure, the dessert my friend made for me is gluten-free, but it’s not yeast-free (it has peanuts) or sugar-free (it has sugary condensed milk in it). And I’ve been on a yeast- and sugar-free diet since April, so reintroducing sugar into my diet is probably what’s causing all this trouble for me.

So, upon realising that, I became very sad that I cannot finish the dessert my friend went out of her way to make for me. Sad monkey.
But in about a week, we’ll see if my body straightens back out again without the sugar and yeast. I’m thinking it will.

I’d already resolved to stay sugar-free after my self-imposed diet restriction ends in October, anyway.

And I’ll be truly ecstatic if the blood test on June 29th comes back negative for gluten intolerance.

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