update on stuff and things

June 13: Weighed in at 165 lbs (75kg).

June 16: My brother’s birthday, so I gave him a call. Also, found out for sure that I got the job. Shift to start June 20th, hours to be 4:00 – 11:30pm. The job is scanning books for digital preservation. I went and hung out with a friend and her friend – we went to the beach and listened to the ocean for a bit, and then went and did some window shopping. It was a nice afternoon to spend in celebration of the new job!

June 17: My boyfriend and the band he’s in had a gig. I showed the lead singer a letter I got from my cousin D, whereby D expressed how much the band’s music means to him (The letter had made me cry when I’d received it two days earlier). After the lead singer read the letter, he was so moved, that he dedicated the set that night to my cousin. It was a very powerful show!

June 19: Spent the day hauling shit from the storage unit, packing and running around, and the evening at dinner and hanging out with a couple of friends I haven’t seen in awhile.

June 20: First day on the job. Found out a few things:

  • I get paid on the 15th and 30th.
  • I only make $11/hr and can only top out at $12/hr and there’s no upward mobility.
  • If I’m late to work twice within the same pay period, I will be fired (not that I have issues with tardiness, mind you, but don’t you think that’s a bit mean?)
  • I get no health benefits.
  • I have to pay for card access to the base (the scanning facility is on an old military base which is still partially in use, although this company is in no way related to Defense).

I only worked 2.5 hours that day because it was a training day only. I asked to do more work but was told no, it’s ok, go home. Sweet! So I went and picked up my boyfriend from the bus stop after he got off work, and we went home and had a lovely salmon dinner and watched the original ‘The Haunting’.

June 21: Had that day off work to go see the gynecologist my friend had referred me to. This is the second visit this month to that office, but the first time seeing this particular doctor. She’d read my file and heard my story and did a full pap on me and declared surgery to be a go!

Did you get that?


So now all I have to do is set a date. I’m thinking my birthday … a nice present to myself for entering my mid-thirties.

I’M SO FREAKING EXCITED! I’ve been waiting 20 years for this.

After I got home, I went and hung with my buddy and we had dinner and walked around Park Street.

June 22: Weighed in at 163 lbs (74kg).
Spent the morning hauling shit to the storage unit.
My second day on the new job. All day long I was told I was doing things wrong and that I need to ask for help when I’m having issues. I kept saying, “but I thought I was doing it right…” and I was told that I thought only within what I knew, and that there’s always a better way.
Now come on, people, how the hell … I mean… what, am I supposed to have the boss sit next to me for every freaking book I scan, IN CASE I might not KNOW something about what I’m doing during every step of the way? And if that’s the case, then the boss should have taken the TIME to SIT with me instead of correcting me all day.

Then at the end of the shift, I declare I’m going home. I had only taken a half hour lunch. I skipped my two 15 minute breaks so I could cut early, like I was told by the interview lady that most people do.


The boss guy told me I couldn’t leave. I told him, “But I only took a half hour lunch..” He informed me that they pay for the half hour lunch. I realise now I needed to say “But I didn’t take my breaks”. I’ll definitely say that next time I don’t take breaks.
But then, he imposed upon me. He said, “Besides, aren’t you supposed to give (the other new guy) a ride? I thought he asked you…”
I paused. I said YES, he DID ask me, but that I was supposed to have been leaving early, so I’d declined. But now, hell, I guess I’m available to give the new guy a ride, aren’t I!

So then I’m standing there. He explains nothing further. So I ask if there’s a shutdown/closeup procedure. “Oh yeah”, he says.
We have to empty the trash, put new bags in the cans, and sweep the floor at the end of the night. We have to tally up from the spreadsheet all our books we’ve scanned. He showed me the formula to use, and it came out that I’d scanned 2038 pages in 7.5 hours. Pretty impressive, eh?


According to mister guy, I am a thousand pages short of the DAILY QUOTA.

As I was leaving with the other new hire, one of the other co-workers came running out to my car and also asked me for a ride, saying his wife couldn’t get through the locked gate.

So, now I’m expected to be taxi service on top of everything else, because I have to be nice, or else this small group of people (there’s only about eight of us on that shift) will be very uncomfortable to work with, otherwise.
I just about cried on the way home.

I recall being so excited to get this job. I feel the preservation project is so very important. However, a couple days before the start of the job, I started to get a weird gut feeling. I told some friends about it. Told them I couldn’t place my finger on it, but that I’d find out, soon.

Well, there it is. All the things I’ve laid out in bullet points, plus some.

Good thing I have another interview! Just got it set up yesterday, by another company I had sent a resume to at the same time I applied for the job I have now.

Meanwhile, my second allergist appointment is next Thursday. I got blood drawn yesterday to see if the celiac disease shows up. I’ll keep you posted on that. I’ve been keeping daily food logs for the allergist since June 8th.

And then July 1-4 I will HOPEFULLY be in Yosemite. I say “hopefully”, because in all the anxiety over job and finances and home… I FORGOT that george is due two days before we leave for Yosemite. So I will likely be out of commission for half to 3/4 of the time there.
But I’ve had mild cramps every day since the 20th, so I’m hoping george is early.
We’ll see how it all goes.

And then four days after we return from Yosemite, we move out of the shithole apartment.
A week after that will be our six year anniversary, and two days after that is the AIDS Walk that we do every year (please donate!).

So … uh…. yeeeeahhh…. Iiii’m a bit stressed.

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  1. patricia

    Welcome to the shitty world of hourly workers. Ugh Sorry it already sucks believe me I feel your pain. I had many a nights where I came home feeling so awful afte working with that hellish women Halina, a few times I did indeed cry including once in the bathroom at work.

    I hope your next interview goes well. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Maybe things will get better at the current job. Maybe is was all just a big problem of miscommunication. Yeah I know that is being way to generous to them.

    I’m so glad my gyno is working out for you! I can’t wait to see how you feel after you have healed from surgery.