The pain has been so bad since yesterday that I spent all of yesterday whacked out of my skull on Tylenol 3 and Ibuprofen.

I ended up wiping down 5 walls (three made up the small foyer area though) and scrubbing some carpet stains. While the wall-wiping was a Bad Idea™, the carpet scrubbing was actually good on my back, because I was on my hands and knees, almost in turtle position, which is one of the recommended postures when having severe menstrual pain.

This month makes up the most times I’ve ever felt faint from the pain during a single menstrual cycle. This month is also the most I have felt nauseated from the pain in over a year.

Since starting my dietary restriction in the name of pain management, I have had george three times: on May 7, June 3 and June 27. Originally, I’d planned to be on the yeast free and sugar free diet for four months, ending in August. But after I started discovering food allergies, and then the trip to the allergist at the beginning of June found I am likely to have Celiac, I extended my diet out to October, and along with being yeast free and sugar free, I also went wheat free.

Granted, my diet hasn’t been so great with such limitations. I’ve eaten a ton of chicken and gluten-free waffles as my main staple, for example. Every time I eat shrimp lately, I’m finding that I feel hypoglycemic afterwards, so now I also have to question shellfish next time I see the allergist.

I was supposed to see the allergist today, to go over the blood test results to confirm whether I really do have Celiac, but the menstrual cramps are so bad that I had to cancel.

Anyway, last night I declared my diet mod in the name of pain management to be a complete failure.

The depressing point is that I thought that in the case of declaring failure, I could go back to eating all the stuff I’d eliminated. With the pending Celiac diagnosis, this changes everything. Even after I get surgery for the menstrual issue, I’ll still be miserable diet-wise if I do get diagnosed with Celiac.

And then there’s the fact that I still have hypoglycemic attacks just before and during menstruation, regardless of diet mod. Will that be fixed after surgery, or is the hypoglycemia a result of my defective pancreas?

Regarding surgery, will I get a hysterectomy right away, or just do the initial laparoscopy to get the official diagnosis and take it from there?
I still have to talk to the gynecologist about that.

Ok, I’m feeling REALLY dizzy again (I’ve only had 1 Tylenol 3 so far today). Time to go lay down again.

2 Responses to “*whimper*”

  1. Miska

    for the endo pain…I can relate…I am bracing myself every month now to see what happens…I am trying to go soy free, as I have heard that soy can be a huge trigger asd well…but gawds…it is if fraking everything!

    I tried to do wheat free, but that is not going very well…I actually started feeling a bit queasy…

    hope you feel better soon sweets

  2. zept

    Yeah, I’ve heard that soy can be a bugger, too. Haven’t quite figured out how I react if at all to soy, yet.

    I hope we both can figure our bodies out and get better!! Such a puzzle…