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Last Wednesday, I weighed myself:   159.9lbs (72.5kg).

On Thursday, I finally got my blood test results back from the allergist.

I do not have Celiac disease.

I do not have an allergy, which means I have to stop eating all wheat and yeast foods immediately, or they could eventually cause death.

What I do have is an intolerance or insensitivity. This bodes much better, says the allergist, because all I have to do is stick to the diet elimination a little longer, and then start adding in ONE ingredient a week, starting off with 1 serving per day, and noting any reactions, and then determining my threshold.

I told her that I’d tried introducing yeast back into my diet a few weeks ago. I had a flour tortilla with my dinner.
For three days afterwards, I was in excruciating intestinal and anal pain.
So basically, I should try a flour tortilla again, but this time only do half or a third of a serving, instead of an entire tortilla…to determine my threshold.

IF this does not work and I still have reactions to even 1 serving of the food in question, THEN I have to go back to the allergist and schedule a colonoscopy, so they can rule out any other issues that might be going on. :(

On Friday night, the george cramps set in again. I’ve been having moderate george pains on and off for the past two weeks, but the pain reached the point where I wanted to cry as I worked the foot pedal on the night job on Friday, scanning books. I called my boyfriend for an early ride home, but the voicemail didn’t reach his phone for an hour.
So I basically worked all of my shift that night, which is good, financially speaking, but bad, pain-wise. I could have tried calling my boyfriend a second time, but I resigned to self abuse.

Saturday I worked at the day job (their work week is Tuesday through Saturday). Saturday was also the hotest day of the year so far. Our town experienced 88F (31C), when it is known for more milder weather in the 70’s (20’s C). The hotest area was Vacaville, which reached 112F (44C). Glad I don’t live there (for more than one reason – that’s the ‘hood, too).

After I got out of work, my boyfriend proposed that we spend the rest of the day in the movie theatre to keep cool. But first, we needed lunch, so he took me to sushi. I forgot to bring my wheat-free soy sauce, though.
After lunch, we went back home to sweltering heat and prepared to find 2-3 movies to view for the rest of the day.
However, I had a food reaction to the soy sauce, which gave me a total GI reaction, and wore me out. I laid on the couch waiting out the intestional spasming.
Then, when we finally were on our way out the door to the movies, I remembered that we’d committed to be at the local coffee house for a sending off (one of the employees is joining the Peace Corps) and a birthday (the coffee house owner).
So we went there first and it was even hotter inside the coffee house. I began to feel sick again, so we only stayed for about a half an hour, then took off for the movie theatre.

We couldn’t find parking on the street, so my boyfriend found the closest parking garage. We paid, parked, and walked over to the theatre. I was feeling craptastic but he was so looking forward to going, and I always let him down with regards to seeing movies, that I resigned and did this for him.

We saw Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest. It was darker than the first movie in the series. I mostly dug it. What I did NOT like was all the commercials before the movie. It didn’t used to be this way. There used to only be movie previews before a movie was shown in a theatre. Now, if you want to arrive early to find a good seat, you are held captive by thee worst teevee commericals on the planet. Bombarded by consumerist ads. It put me in a right foul mood and I vowed to my boyfriend that this would be the last movie theatre experience for me. He’ll just have to find other people to go to the movies with.

When the movie ended, we walked back to the parking garage….and found it had closed at midnight. It was now 1am.

To avoid my boyfriend going apeshit and hitting things, I accepted half the responsibility for failing to note the hours of the garage, and with that, I accepted half the financial responsibility for getting us home via cab, because the BART station had already closed for the night, too.

Although in my defense, I was completely craptastic due to george pain and food reaction hell. How the hell would I be expected to pay attention to parking garage hours? Whatever. Mass destruction was avoided. That’s all that matters.

The next day, my boyfriend got a ride from a friend to the parking garage that held his car captive overnight for $1.50/hr (assholes!). His car was fine and he got home safely.

On a nicer note, today I weighed myself and I checked in at exactly 158lbs (72kg). Go me! At least there’s one good thing going on with this food intolerance crap I guess. :/

That’s all the news that fits. Stay tuned.

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