too much stuff piling up at once

Gah. In the last two days there’s been so much stuff, I dunno where to start.

I guess I’ll start by jotting notes and expounding as time permits.

  • george
  • diet
  • school shootings
  • depression
  • the co-worker
  • job hunting

Last month, after I was out of work for two days in a row due to george, my boss decided that the next time george showed up, we’d ALL take a day off work. I counted the days and predicted that September 14th would be the day I’d need to go out of work sick again, and we kept the schedule clear and warned our patients that we’d be closed that day.

Well, george showed up on Wednesday morning – the day before the planned Day Off. I immediately popped 600mg Ibuprofen and went in to work. I was mostly sluggish at work, and only had a little pain. I took 600mg more of Ibuprofen at lunch and made it through the day. When I got home from work, george let me have it all night and into the planned Day Off, so I did schedule well, after all.

The co-worker has been getting bitten by Karma, lately. She’s so mean to me and then so nice, and mean again. Then when shit happens to her, I’m always nice and understanding. Her youngest daughter’s father showed up at the kid’s school last week to pick her up, only it wasn’t his weekend to get custody of her so the school notified the co-worker, who panicked. I told her to leave immediately and wished her luck, and told her that by law, the school cannot allow the child to leave with the parent who does not have custody, until she gets there and releases the child. I told her I knew this from working in daycare for five years.

The co-worker HUGGED me for that, and left.

Also shitty in the co-worker’s life is that she got pregnant by her current boyfriend. They’d both talked about it, both decided “sure, let’s have a baby, we’ve been dating for two years, why not?”
But as soon as it became reality, the boyfriend said he’d decided he really didn’t want a baby, after all. So she scheduled an abortion.
Again, I was understanding and I told her about my two abortions over a ten year period. We bitched at length about guys not understanding that an abortion is not a trip to the nail salon.
I told her I’d call her to check up on her, and I did, even though I was medicated for my own southern region pain for just my normal monthly period.

I tried to go in to work today, but my boss told me no. She didn’t want to have to deal with me becoming sick with george at work. I had felt well enough this morning and told her I was pretty sure I could get through half the day. She still denied me and told me to stay home.

The woman who originally told me about this job is my masseuse, who used to work for Bosslady.
My masseuse called the office one day and asked to speak to co-worker. They talked for several minutes in the lab. I later found out that co-worker thanked my masseuse for sending me to that job.


My masseuse was so awestruck by that comment that she told Boss and Boss told me.

So all this time, I’ve been telling Boss that I know co-worker has a sweet side – I’ve SEEN it – it’s just that we have this huge personality conflict and racial issues that somehow we can’t get around *cough*because of her*cough*, and now we both get to hear about how this girl really feels about me after all the bullshit.

Well, it’s good to know, even if I also know that she’ll be back down my throat and humiliating me again Real Soon Now, because she hasn’t learned to rise out of her anger issues, yet.

Because of the constant emotional turmoil with co-worker, and also because george was nearing, I have been eating REALLY badly. I’ve been constantly eating junk food and drinking pop. I started eating chocolate again, too. This led to depression AND worst of all, the rash between my tits came back. I have yeast overgrowth again from all the sugar intake since June.

So after this weekend, I will once again cut sugar from the diet. And I’m sure to have quite an emotional meltdown with the withdrawls again.
I got through it once, I can get through it again.

My horoscope has been good to me this month, too.
Even the Yahoo! astrological forecast says good things about this month. These two forecasts have given me renewed energy in my job hunt, and last week I began sending out resumes again.
I got a call within a couple of days, and have already had one interview.

The jobs I am applying to are in the tech industry again.

After being outside of the tech industry working for a non-profit and then a mom-and-pop store, I can now see the error of my ways.

In corporate hell, I got spoiled and bratty and princessy. I started to expect to be treated like the company had everything to lose if they mistreated me.

I needed this little setback to see with renewed eyes just how easy I’ve had it these last eight years. Even though I was in job after job after job. Even though I was in one contract after another. I still had it SO good.

Reading Nickel and Dimed during this period away from corporations has also done wonders for opening my eyes (and reminding me what my mother went through and still goes through).

So yeah…I’m going back to the tech industry – to the corporations. And I’m going to save as much money as I can to make sure I don’t end up in the low place anymore, or worse yet, like my Ma, still working the midnight shift at age 62.
And I’m going to be much better behaved than I was at my last two contract jobs in the tech industry.

Hind sight and all that.

Growing is good.

The only thing I haven’t hit on in today’s post is the recent school shootings. I’ve no energy left to tackle that one right now, though.

Time to go lay down again with the heating pad. George better be gone by Sunday – that’s my birthday, dammit!

wheat sensitivity

This morning I microwaved a freezer quiche. The crust has wheat flour in it.

I decided that since I’ve nothing pressing to do today, I might as well do a threshhold test, so I ate about two good bites of the crust along with the quiche, and just dug the egg out of the rest of the crust.

The two mouthfuls was all it took to give me a reaction.

The reaction occurred about two hours after ingestion, which is the normal reaction time with me and wheat.

The reaction is fuzzy-headedness / low-grade headache with plugged ears and hypoglycemia.
My gut did not react – that happens with yeast.

So, now I take it down another notch and only try one mouthful of wheat flour. Too bad I only had one quiche to test with. I’ll have to either buy another or find some more wheat flour in one of B’s foods to do another test with tomorrow afternoon.

To combat the current hypoglycemic attack, I’m eating a turkey/chicken/portabella burger (also a pre-packaged freezer food I recently bought and don’t recommend buying again cuz it tastes kinda gross). The burger is smothered in mozarella cheese. I chose these two foods because I believe it will spike my protein levels, and the yeast is minute in the mushrooms and the cheese – it doesn’t give me a gut reaction. Oh, and I’m chugging lots of water, too.

5:26pm Edit: My blood sugar stabilised within an hour and a half of eating the hamburger patty and chugging water. Wheee.