lazy sod

For the past two days, I’ve done nothing but browse web and email people and upload stuff to my genealogy site.

I’ve gotten a lot done but it’s mostly in the online realm. And my ass hurts.

I was supposed to get george yesterday. The mild cramping has been there for a few days now, but no george.

Until this morning.

He showed up and then went away.

Now I’m wondering what sort of hell I’m in for.

And I feel guilty for being so lazy and sitting about the house as though I’m on sick time. I should be working.

Then I remembered that the office is closed on Mondays, and that the boss closed up today too, to interview people.

Then I remembered that I’d declared last Saturday as my last day, anyway, so there’s no point in feeling guilty over a few days of vacation before starting the new job, especially when some of those days will be spent bedridden anyway.

So what if george didn’t show up on time? It only means he’ll be here later in the week. I’d be off of work sick, anyway. Best that my last day was last Saturday indeed.

I need to continue enjoying the personal work I’m getting done.

Stupid Americans feeling guilty for having any personal time.


Time for a nice bath, don’t you think?

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