A bad day.

Got up this morning, no sign of george. That’s good, right?

Found out the Democrats took the House and at last count may have had the Senate, too. That’s AWESOME, right?

Traffic was a bitch – I was ten minutes late to work. Couldn’t call cuz I don’t have a cell phone, yet. Was supposed to do that this weekend when I get paid.

Got in trouble for being late cuz I didn’t call and it’s a huge deal to CALL IF YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE.

Was taken into meeting with the boss who said there’s too many people on the 8am and 8:30am shifts, can I come in at 7am?
I politely protest, and lay out the fact that it takes an hour to get to work in the morning and I can’t just eat a piece of toast and dash off to work – I need a full protein meal, otherwise I sugar-crash – I have health conditions. Add to that the fact that it takes nearly 20 minutes just to get off the goddamned island and onto the freeway because the speed limit on the island is 25 M.P.H. (40 K.P.H.).
So to be at work at 7, I have to leave at 5:45, which means I have to wake up at 4:30am.

Boss winced. Then asked if I could at least TRY it out.

Got back to desk and logged into email, only to find that the agency had written me yesterday to tell me they’d not received my timecard for last week AGAIN. I wrote back demanding a new fax number, stating I’d faxed them on Monday and the secretary had stated my frist week there that there’s a problem with the fax number from the agency. Got an email back saying my fax was received this time, and to CALL them every time I fax to make sure they get it. NO new number was supplied.
I wrote to the recruiter and asked for a new assignment, stating the early hours and shitty commute. She wrote back to say there’s NOTHING out there right now til at least after the holidays, and to try to stick with it until then.

Later on, I got in trouble for daring to email the entire sales team with a lead, prefaced with admission that I am new to the company and unsure of procedure with regards to providing a lead. My boss emailed me in bold case to never do that again, and told me that she’ll give me some more training tomorrow.

Then, george started moving furniture around in my pelvic region. Ever so slightly, but I knew he was home again and would be killing me soon.

Got home from work and within thirty minutes, george started to kill me. I hadn’t even had time to prepare a meager dinner. So I ate a couple of spoonfuls of ice cream and washed down a Tylenol 3 so as not to have a completely empty stomach. Then I had broccoli and cheese for dinner.

Now it’s 9:10pm and it’s already time for bed. I’ve set the alarm for 5am. We’ll see how much my appearance deteriorates on this new schedule. We’ll see if I’m even able to make it in to work tomorrow if george is still around. Perhaps this is what my boyfriend calls george’s Last Gasp – where george goes away for a day, then returns briefly, like a mafioso armed with a bat to club someone’s knees to let them know Vinnie hasn’t forgotten they owe him.

My thoughts have become quite dark again. Too dark for online consumption. It’s time to start up the pen and paper journal again.

And yet, despite how low I feel, today some of my friends suffered worse. One lost her 3rd home this year. Another lost a dear pet – more important than most humans. And another nearly lost her father. So what’s my problem?


Oh and by the end of the day, the Democrats DID also storm the castle Senate, too. And then Rumsfeld resigned!

Things are looking up, Steph. You can do it. Stay with us now…

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  1. elsewhere

    did you name george after George? (this never stuck me until now)

    shame there’s not a lot of joy with the new job…