There is no steph only george

I felt crampy this morning, so I took 600mg Ibuprofen before work.

George arrived around 11am, so I took 600mg more.

I left work around 1:45pm today. Light cramps had begun by noon, but mostly, I was falling asleep on the phone and I wasn’t comprehending the customers anymore due to both the daze that sets in before the pain, and all the Ibuprofen I’d taken.

It really started yesterday – I was really tired all day, and I hadn’t taken any Ibuprofen. I got home and took a short nap, and lounged on the couch for most of the evening. No energy whatsoever. I had to force myself just to do the dishes.

All the way home, the pain threatened to grow worse, but never did. Just slight pain continues along with feeling verrrry tired. But yet I’m restless. The restless part is always annoying. I’ll pace the house. Sit down and get back up. Lay down and toss and turn before getting up again. Just can’t get comfortable. That’s part of having george for me.

When I got home, I thought I’d just fall down on the bed and sleep. That was the only thought on my mind the entire drive home was to fall face down on the bed and sleep. But once home, there was the restlessness.

The house is 66°F (18°C). Outside it is 56°F (13°C) and sunny. It feels warmer outside because of the sun.

The other part of having george for me is the freezing. For the past week and a half, I’ve gone to bed with three blankets and a freaking HAT. Yes, a week and a half before george is normal for my body temp to be so low.
And now that he’s here, I’m wearing full body pajamas with footies AND slippers AND my damned hat. In the house. I’d be wearing gloves, too, if I could type in them. Too bad I don’t have any fingerless gloves.

The other thing that I hate about george (I could go on and on) is the Hunger. I’m STARVING. I’m craving all kinds of things. I’ve been coming home and having gluten-free brownies for dinner for nearly a week, now. No matter what I eat, it isn’t what I need or want. So I push it away, searching for what I REALLY want. But I don’t have or can’t find what I want, so I stay hungry.

Aw crap. I think the pain is really trying to set in, now. I know I won’t be back to work tomorrow. At least my boss had advance warning and knows of my health issue.

Time to force myself to lay down for a bit. Perhaps I’ll try to read a book my friend loaned me. She found the book to be hilarious, but I haven’t been able to get into it yet – it’s not doing it for me. In fact, it’s reminding me waaaay too much of the Midwest in general, and a certain Appalachian family in particular. But it’s not just the Midwest or Appalachia that has people who act like the characters in Sellevision. It’s all over the U.S. and it’s big and ugly and scary.

By the way, the book in question is called Sellevision. I get to see Sellevision in online format every day at work when I provide customer support to people selling stuff on websites hosted by the company I work for. People are selling horses, puppies, cars and parts, real estate, psychic readings, shoes, religion and porn. Those appear for some reason to be the big categories, and many of these people are located in the Midwest and Deep South. All their stuff is crap, and all these people are new to the Internet trying to sell their crap in 22pt Arial font with blink tags and other “effects”.

I wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, only to realise I’ve just emerged from dreamland where I’ve been troubleshooting someone’s website. Again.
I wake up for work with the same type of dream several times a week.

So maybe reading that book is a Bad Idea™.

Yeah. I’ll find another book to read for now.

2 Responses to “There is no steph only george”

  1. elsewhere

    This friend of mine here told me she has the same thing. She used to control it by going on the Pill but she went off it, as she didn’t want to be on hormones all her life. She says she has a twenty minute window in which she can take heavy duty painkillers when george starts. If she doesn’t, she’s stuffed. She can have her womb lasered or something periodically to help control it. She doesn’t want to go the hysterectomy yet because she’s only 29.

  2. steph

    Oh I’ve been told by doctors since the age of 23 that if only I go on the Pill, it would end my pain. It doesn’t cure anything though. It only puts things on hold through the use of artificial hormones.
    Like your friend, I’m opposed to being on hormones all my life. Plus, I don’t want cancer, thank you. It’s just another attempt by the male dominated medical industry to tell women to stuff it – “here take a pill and shut up”.

    Like your friend, I also have about a twenty minute window to take the painkillers. If I miss my opportunity, I’m screwed, like right now for example. I forgot my next dose and woke up in searing pain.

    Oh, and also like your friend, I could have opted to have my womb lasered periodically to control the Endometriosis. But the shit GROWS BACK. So I want whatever it takes to make the disease go away for good, even if it means a hysterectomy. But then, I don’t want a FULL hysterectomy, because then I’d have to go on HRT.

    Going back to the “here take a pill and shut up” rant – I’ve been taking pain medication for twenty years now, and my GI system is a mess as a result. Pain meds eat the stomach and intestines and make for ulcers and perforations. But the pain meds don’t make me psycho like the artificial hormones did. I tried taking birth control pills back in 1991. I was on the lowest dose at the time. I went berzerker with my depression and I swear I was a candidate for needing antipsychotics while on The Pill.

    So, all these years I’ve waited to encounter a doctor who would take me seriously and give me the surgery I so desperately need. Thanks to my friend Patricia, who introduced me to Dr. Milkman, my day of justice is finally coming.

    If it weren’t for Patricia (who also led a miserable painful existance until her surgery), I’d probably have suffered with my pain up through Menopause, because I had such bad luck with doctors both male and female not taking me seriously.

    I swear, my last doctor, who is female, urged me to seek chiropractic help and herbal remedies to ease my menstrual pain. For over ten years it’s been “try Evening Primrose Oil and hot baths.” “take hormones.” “have children.” “try chiropractic.” “try accupuncture.”

    I would not have been surprised to hear a doctor tell me “try mesmerism” or “try phrenology” to cure my pain, because all the other suggestions are just as Victorian and outdated in this modern world.

    Man I hate doctors. I’m so glad Dr. Milkman isn’t like the other doctors. When I told her my story of all the doctors in the past ten years, she had a tizzy and raised her voice, ranting at the injustice of it all. I could have hugged the woman.

    I’m totally indebted to my friend Patricia for her. :)

    I will find out in January after my surgery what Doc finds, and if a hysterectomy will be necessary. It depends on how much damage is found. I don’t plan to have children anyway, so whatever it takes to get rid of the pain, I’ll tell her to do it, even if it means having a second surgery.