Weight update

October 16 (starting weight): 154lbs (70kg)
October 23: 153lbs (69kg)
October 30: 152lbs (69kg)
November 6: No weigh-in due to george
November 13: Forgot to weigh in
November 20: 153lbs (69kg)
November 27: 152lbs (69kg)

Due to george, depression and holiday feasting in the past month, my weight hasn’t changed much. I’ve still not cut cane sugar from the diet, although I am doing well keeping corn syrup and refined sugar out.

I’m still happy to not be weighing 184lbs like I did seven months ago. Keeping gluten out of my diet has proven key in keeping that weight off, but has not kept me from my depressions, as I had at first declared to be cured from.

The culprit in my last really bad fall into the pit was Oxycodone, which I had taken at a doseage of 162mg once per night over 3 nights. That week, I had the breakdown. I looked up side effects – CNS depressant. I was already on my way down due to job stress. The oxycodone thrust me under water and held me there, flailing. I’ll never take that shit again. I’ve always known I was overly sensitive to pharmaceuticals outside of Tylenol and Ibuprofen.

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