Finally better

George left last night.

Today I got my energy back – I feel human again. This must look so contrived to people on the outside looking in. One day I’m fine, next day I’m bedridden. Next day after that, I’m drinking wine and having a great time. Day after that, I’m ashen again from pain and a day later, perfect again.

I don’t expect people to believe me when they can’t SEE the pain. An open wound or broken bone is one thing – it’s a visual and evokes empathy. George however, likes to make one look like a slacker or faker.

Anyway…yesterday was weigh day but it’s skewed cuz of george.

October 16 (starting weight): 154lbs (70kg)
October 23: 153lbs (69kg)
October 30: 152lbs (69kg)
November 6: No weigh-in due to george
November 13: Forgot to weigh in
November 20: 153lbs (69kg)
November 27: 152lbs (69kg)
December 4: 156lbs (71kg)

The only thing that depresses me now is the fact that I’m working so much and I’m STILL unable to pay much debt down. I owe my father and my boyfriend a lot of money. I’m going to start doing minimum balance on the credit cards to scrape up some money to pay dad and boy back.

And no, there’s still not enough money to even afford a cell phone, even though I’m a tech worker.
My man got a Mac Mini really cheap from work. All I have to do is show them the money and it’s mine. I want it NOW – the G3 I’m working on now is pathetically slow…well not as slow as the Windoze machine that preceeded it a couple of years ago I guess. But it’s still bad. I’m even out of disk space.

Anyway…money issues. Story of my life.

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