Catching up

I went in to work on Wednesday due to stubbornness and panic over needing money. I came home after an hour and a half, crying in pain. I rescheduled the interview before leaving and thankfully, they were understanding.

I went back to work on Thursday but only worked 6.5 hours before george forced me to go home in pain again.

And of course I went back on Friday. Friday was the worst day with sugar crashes and the heaviest bleeding of the cycle, and of course cramps and near passing out. But I held in there and worked the entire day. I had to. I need the money. I’ll be going out for surgery and won’t be paid for an entire week plus three days. There’s no one to pay my way but me, and I’ve calculated that I’ll owe up to $1200 once my share of the medical bills comes in for the surgery.

On Friday, my boss and the director of tech support called me in for private meeting – they like me so much that they gave me ADVICE on the interview process. Holy shit. You bet I paid attention.

The interview is now set for Tuesday. I have Monday off for pre-op appointments with my doctor and the anesthesiologist.
So I’ll interview Tuesday morning and work that whole day, and work Wednesday. Then I’m off for surgery on Thursday. The things I’m stressing over the most are the anesthetic, because I have a heart murmur, and getting sick before surgery, because I’m traveling and I also found out that my boyfriend’s sinus infection has returned (HE never got on antibiotics after giving me his infection last time, grrrr).

Regarding the traveling, despite my horrible day and the fact that I thought I’d die at several points from the pain or passing out, I still managed to go on auto-pilot due to trip anxiety, and when I got home I arranged for pizza delivery for me and my friend while we loaded up his rental car (I can eat pizza – I just scrape off the cheese and toppings and discard the glutenous pizza dough. ;)).

My friend arrived from Michigan early in the week, and we drove up to Lake Tahoe together in his rental car around 8pm yesterday. We didn’t get in til 11:30pm, and there was a small party to greet us. :)

So far we have 2 people who have flown in from Michigan, two people who have flown in from Seattle, and me and 2 other friends from the Bay Area (California) who drove up (in separate cars).

Tonight is the Big Party™. I’m sorta sad that I have to be the sober person this time, on account of surgery next week. But I’m excited to see the people who could make it for this, our last Cabal Ball with one of our Cabal’s founding fathers – Zerby. I gifted him with a book – Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, by Max Born. The pack I run with in this Cabal is full of certifiable geniuses. They’re the ones who taught me Linux, and how to code HTML by hand. Zerby immediately ran off to the bathroom in glee with the book, hehe!
It may be TMI but Zerby’s the man who taught me the fine art of relaxing on the pot with any book. Now I keep a STACK of books in the bathroom. :D

I even brought up my Mac Mini so I could participate in the usual LAN party aspect. We’re going to have a CD exchange of Stuff and Things™ from our computers.

Enjoy the weekend! I certainly will. This is the best thing right before surgery for me. I’m trying not to think about the fact that I won’t be able to come to Tahoe anymore specifically to see my friend, his wife and kids. They’re moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada next month – relocating for work.

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