“do you have a sunburn?”

At a party tonight, I was asked, “do you have a sunburn?”, to which I replied something along the lines of, “no, I always get a flushed face when I’m drinking. I blame it on my Appalachian family – they’re a mix of Scotch-Irish and get red faces when drinking booze.”

Well curiosity got the best of me in this late hour and I googled it.

I found goaskalice. Hm! I never knew that. I’m not Asian, but that’s still fascinating.

Then I found a webmd.com article. Hey! Neat! I drank white wine predominantly tonight, and some gluten-free beer (yes gluten-free beer, it exists).

Fascinating! So white wine is a trigger for red face! Very interesting indeed.

I wonder if there’s a yeast connection? If so, I’ll have to eliminate several alcoholic beverages from my diet now, too. :(

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