shivering cold


The house is around 66F (18C) but my body thinks it’s 40F (4C).

George isn’t here yet but he’s been giving me cramps since yesterday. He’s due Monday but I just know he’ll show up early to wreck the weekend for me.

To prepare for surgery, I’ve been bicycling to strengthen my abs, but I’ve not bicycled nearly enough this month. I’ve bicycled a total of six times. So sad. I meant to pedal more but I wasn’t disciplined enough and the month has just flown by. Now george will be here, and then a week later, I have surgery. Ugh. I hope my body recovers quickly.

And once again, it’s bedtime by the time I want to journal, so I can’t give a long rambling entry. Probably all the better for you, but my mind has HAD IT with noise itching to get out.


2 Responses to “shivering cold”

  1. elsewhere

    You’re better off doing sit-ups or freestyle. Cycling doesn’t do a lot for your abs unless you’re holding them in consciously.

  2. steph

    You are right. I had promised myself to do situps too but failed even at that. So undisciplined!

    And as to pedaling and abs – hm I *felt* like it was helping, does that count? ;)