T minus 36 hours

In case I’m not stressing out enough, I had my interview today, and then HR sent out an email to everyone announcing that due to low numbers in January, all of our desktops are going to be monitored. Management will pop right in remote style and see everything we’re lookin at on our screens to make sure none of us is slackin off.

Well I usually keep an IRC window open to keep me sane. Now, forget it. I knew from day one that all our calls are recorded – they were open about that, too. But now also screen-capturing slacker behaviour on the monitors?

Wow just as I was giving nice comments about the place and how it’s not as bad as some companies I’ve worked for. Now it’s WORSE than the WORST one I worked for.
Next, just you watch, I’ll be hired and they’ll tell me I have to report to work by 7am and that I’ll have to do mandatory overtime at the beginning of my shift. Then I’ll KNOW I’ve truly re-arrived at the WORST job I had.

So I stressed over work. And I worked an hour and a half overtime because I was way behind on emails again because the phones were so busy and I had four meetings today (three being interviewers). I got home and didn’t get enough cleaning done. Now I should have been in bed 45 mins ago.

Have I mentioned I’m weepy? Like, over ANYTHING. Everything I look at or hear is beautiful or sad or tragic. Like it’s all the last time I’ll be around after Thursday. I’m told that’s normal. I know that’s fear.

Good night.

One Response to “T minus 36 hours”

  1. Kahleida

    That really sucks about not being able to have the IRC window open. I don’t understand why companies refuse to accept the fact that happy workers = productive workers, and also that happy workers will be more friendly and patient on the phones and thus promote a better image of the company to the customers. But of course business people can only think in numbers, or some bullshit like that.