The weekend so far

So much for me being the designated driver last night! George came back and killed me dead by early afternoon, and I realised I had not brought my Tylenol3 with me.

My friend had some Darvocet that he gave me. I took that with a muscle relaxer but it still took a couple hours to fully kick in. Meanwhile, I sat or laid around all frowny, dealing with the pain in the midst of the weekend-long gathering.

Once the meds kicked in, I was stoned for the rest of the day. The cramps finally went away after nearly 4 hours. I realised what I’d done wrong. I’d conjured the bleeding/clots and therefore cramps because I had eaten some chocolate-covered espresso beans. Chocolate and caffeine stimulates the body’s endocrine system. This affects hormones. The uterus is regulated by hormones. So the uterus reacted and went WTF?
And presto – I birthed baby squid for hours in major pain.

I …

Am a dumbass.

So when it came time for people to want to go to the casinos in South Lake Tahoe, I was unable to be their designated driver, as I was still stoned on pain meds. :(

People were able to go anyway, and a few of us stayed behind and lazed about. When everyone came back, the drinking began anew, with Lemondrops!
Brian, showing off the Lemondrops (fresh lemon juice squeezed by Shani)
I am cut off from drinking due to surgery coming up in five days, but I was able to taste the Lemondrops. It was soooo good! I definitely would have gotten trashed with the group on those.
In fact, everyone made a good stab at partying like the olden days, but alas, the party petered out by 1am.
I went to bed by 2am and slept like a log (Friday night, I slept like shit, but it was the first night in town and I always sleep like shit).

Welp, it’s 9:45am – I’d better get my arse in gear – people are calling and will be showing up soon for brunch!

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