Time to start talking surgery

Surgery has been scheduled, as I mentioned back on December 2nd.

A few weeks ago, I decided it would be a wise idea to strengthen my abdomen prior to surgery. I’ve been holding steady at 153lbs (69kg), so I’m not hellbent on losing weight, but if the bicycling brings more weight loss, I’ll of course be happy.

I brought my bicycle into the house and set it up in the kitchen on the trainer. I was able to pedal for 5 minutes before my legs gave out.
A couple weeks later, I tried again (after I’d sprained my ankle and given it time to heal a bit). This time, I was able to pedal for 10 minutes before my legs couldn’t take it anymore.

Tonight, I pedaled for 15 minutes! I could have gone longer but I was being a girl about getting sweaty.

It is my goal to really ramp up the pedaling and get in 15 mins at the least *every* night.

By the time surgery happens, I hope to be fit enough to have a swift recovery. And well, I just wanna be fit.

I’ll also be figuring out how to lift my tits again. Back in 2003 when I was all genderbent and thinking I had to become a boy, I was binding my breasts. That was a bad thing to do, cuz they lost muscle and flattened. Pancaked. Flap-jacked. Sagged.
It’s not perty.

I think lifting barbells is a start, and doing butterflies with the barbells, too.

But first, getting into daily pedaling routine.

As for the surgery itself, I’m getting more nervous as the day approaches. I’ve already got the time approved off work with no questions asked. That was VERY reassuring and calmed me significantly when I got the reply mail back from my boss saying “no problem!”

I’m trying not to think too much about it – no sense in stressing myself out a month ahead of time. It’s under the surface but I do other stuff like pedal and make my usual OCD lists of Stuff To Do each day and week.

This week began today, and I’m accomplishing 1 of 4 things on my list so far – I’m burning my CD collection into my Mac Mini.

Did I tell you I got a Mac Mini?

Yeah, around Christmastime – my man got one used for cheap through work. My G3 was literally dying on me and I’d run it out of disk space. So I plopped down $250 for the Mini. I lurve it!

Right. Now it’s on to try to tackle one more item on my To Do list before bed tonight. Bed always comes so soon through the week. :(
Thirty-nine minutes is all I have left before 10pm. Gotta be up at 5:30am.

3 Responses to “Time to start talking surgery”

  1. Heather

    When is it and what exactly are you having done??

  2. zept

    I don’t have the time of day yet when surgery will be. I need to give my surgeon a call Real Soon Now though to find out about also gettin my tubes tied while she’s in there.

    I’ll be having a laparoscopic procedure to determine whether I have Endometriosis and the extent of damage done. Two fiber optic inserts – one through belly button, one through bikini area. One has a camera, the other has a laser.

    Send lucky juju to stave off earthquakes while the procedure is being done! :p

  3. Heather

    Wish I could be there with you. Please let me know the exact date. Laparoscopic surgery is good. You’ll be sore, but not nearly as sore as the old fashion way of doing things.
    I hope they give you liquid bandages on the incision, they heal things quickly. Just take it VERY easy afterwards. No lifting anything, no matter what.

    Juju for no earthquakes is always with you and B. I’ll send extra, though. ;)