Today was pre-op

Today I:

  • Found out george returned AGAIN (this time only moderate spotting, but it was enough to make me quite anxious)
  • Sugar crashed hard, despite eating eggs for breakfast and a protein bar.
  • Had a bad headache and major fatigue for the rest of the day as a result of the sugar crash.
  • Went and had a physical and consulted with my surgeon about surgery on Thursday.
  • Went over to the hospital and consulted with the anesthesiology department. Got my blood drawn.
  • Was treated to sushi dinner.
  • Will now be going to bed.

Laparoscopic surgery in T minus 3 days.

One Response to “Today was pre-op”

  1. Chase

    Let me know if you’ll be up for visitors on Friday night. We want to come give you love.