And the winner is…. Me!

Today I finally received a full time job offer from the company I’m temping at! I’m happy and sad for a few reasons. I’m happy because it means I kick ass, otherwise they wouldn’t have hired me. And today, my co-worker teased me about taking the most phone calls of anyone on the team AGAIN yesterday, on my first day back to work, even. I took 66 calls and he only got 60 calls. He said he’s made it his personal plan to beat my record. Go me!
Now if only I could beat the guy who takes the most calls out of ALL the teams…

So I’ve been feeling a bit confident.

I’m also happy because even though it’s still at-will employment, it feels like a step up from being a temporary employee through an agency. My dignity has been restored, shall we say.

Too, I’m happy because now I qualify for my own health insurance, overtime pay on holidays, as well as paid time off (PTO).

I’m sad because I didn’t get a raise out of it. I was so hoping to be paid over $20/hr again. I guess those days are gone for tech support people.

I’m also sad because it feels like I’m committing to this place, which is still giving me anxiety attacks due to having to radically shift my hours around the job, as well as drive so far to work and back each day. I just have to remind myself of the at-will policy and have the ‘no hard feelings’ attitude so I can resume my search for a job closer to home.

On the post-op front, my belly button remains the hardest area to heal because of the waistband on clothing, no matter how loose. I try to hike up or push down, but since I have a bit of a belly, the waist band ends back up around the navel area. The incisions are still scabbed over, as they have been since day one of post-op. They started to itch about four days ago – wish I would have recorded exactly when. The itching is of course good and means the healing is coming along fine.

My gums still hurt from the intubation incident, and now the pain has spread to my teeth on that side of my mouth (the right side). Now I worry I have a jaw infection. Ugh. I’ll see a dentist if the pain gets much worse.

The cankre sore on the inside of my lip went away by last night, and I would largely like to thank the soy sauce I consumed with sushi on Saturday! It stung like hell but the salt is what I needed. I had been using Benzocaine but failed to use the tried and true standby – a salt wash. Must stop relying on pharmaceuticals!!

As of today, my back has really started to hurt again. It’s locking up from sitting all day at work at a desk again. At least when I’m home, I can get up and move around throughout the day. At work, I’m chained to a headset for several hours at a stretch, and I’m squished up against the cubicle so I can’t really stand up much and work, or my ass hits the cube wall (there’s four desks in the cube and they all face each other, so our seats are all squished up against the walls of the cube).

Last news of the day – I hate to make it last news because it’s so cool, but I forgot to announce it on Sunday: both of my nephews, aged nine and twelve, made it to the state finals in wrestling for their age divisions, and the nine-year-old WON the state title for his division! I’m not a big sports fan but these are my nephews, so naturally I’m all proud. I gotta send them something this week to congratulate them.

6 Responses to “And the winner is…. Me!”

  1. Mel

    Oh – this is definately a “hooray” for you! It means while you find a job closer to home – you know you are secure!

    And even though I KNOW your amazing and YOU KNOW you are.. it is so nice when someone confirms that!

    I will have a wine for you – I have no beer in the house that I could drink… Cheers!

  2. zept

    Thanks!!! Cheers! I had a glass of wine when I got home from work, too. :)

  3. Patricia

    Whoot! on the job security part. I knew you would get it.

    Oh and the belly button will take the longest to heal. It did for me.

  4. Chase

    Congrats. At lleast your sure of a paycheck while you search for another job, you free at all this weekend?

  5. Heather

    Congratulations on the permanent position!
    Although you haven’t gotten a raise yet, the benefits are a big boost. Yay!!!

  6. Heather

    PS – Hooray for Devin and Dahni!