george pains, fun times, and scary video

I started getting strong pinching pains in my left ovary again yesterday on the way to see my friends. But still no george. I’d been sobbing again due to emotional hormonal whack, and my eyes were very sore and I just wasn’t in any mood to go out. But I told my friends I would be there. So I went and actually had a great time! My friends rock the house. :)

I got home and the pain started up again. I took some Ibuprofen and was in bed before Midnight. Woke up this morning to yet more ovarian pain. Still no george. I know he’s likely to be late (and well now he is) due to surgery. But I really can’t take much more time off work right now, especially since I just got hired. I hope that when he does show up that there’s no pain. But somehow I don’t think that will be the case, given all the pre-george pain.

And my boyfriend is still at the game convention all this weekend, so I woke up this morning and had heartache cuz he wasn’t there in bed next to me. How pathetic. We only live together for chrissakes. But there it is. I miss him terribly.

And now, the scary video:
I’m not usually a You Tube kind of person, but in getting my nerdy news fix, I came across the scariest video of the day: A Limey View Of The Deep South. I cringed from the moment they announced their goal because I knew they may very well achieve it. I gritted my teeth and winced the entire time, I swear.
Deliverance is not REALLY a fiction type movie, my friends. That is the South. Now these fools know it, too. I laughed my ass off too – this was funny and scary all at the same time.

2 Responses to “george pains, fun times, and scary video”

  1. Patricia

    damm they took the video down due to copyright issues.

    It really is sad to see that so much government money is being spent on a war in a different country while on of our own states and people need so much right now in New Orleans.

    I have a friend in the coast guard that spent some active duty time in New Orleans before the disaster. He has stood on top of the very levys that broke. He said it was very apparent that they needed to be fixed and would not hold up for much longer. It pisses me off that no one did anything to prevent this from happening.grrrrrr

  2. zept

    Well they have their own site: but from there my Mac won’t play the clips, even on Real Player. Damn Damn.