Post-op, Day 11

Yesterday was my first real day out! My friend sherpa rode the train over, and we picked her up at the station. From there we went to breakfast and then went thrift store shopping to get me some drawstring pants and extra large skirts to get me through this week at work. Three different stores provided me with three skirts and a pair of pants. I probably should have looked for more drawstring pants, elsewhere. Everything was pretty scary, though. We’d have had to go into Oakland to continue thrifting, as I’m pretty sure we’d run out of local thrift shops. I was starting to fade already.

For a bit of a break, we went to Julie’s Tea for scones and tea as planned. I realised that I owed my man for breakfast, so I bought him coffee and scones, and I had some Jasmine tea with scones (did I tell you? I can eat scones! They don’t have enough gluten in them to make my body freak out! YAY!). We lounged in comfy chairs and talked away while enjoying those lovely nibbly things.

Rejuvinated, we were back on our way and splurged at the local used toy store, where I got three more figurines to adorn my computer with. Someday I’ll take a picture of my computer décor…

At this point, I felt bad for all the money I was starting to spend, and I cut myself off. Not only that, but I was starting to fade again. I’d had a big day, and there was still the evening ahead! So we made one last stop at the auto parts store for my car, and took sherpa back to the train station, and headed home for a nap.
I really did need the nap.

I awoke on time to be messaged by another friend who wanted to hang out. We invited our friends to dinner, but they didn’t want to travel that far, so we made arrangements to hang out afterwards.
I was whisked away to our favourite sushi joint, some 40 miles away (our favourite until we find something better, and admittedly, we’ve not scoured all the sushi to be had in Alameda, Oakland, or San Francisco, yet).
I fed until I was about to pop, and for me that’s usually about five nigiri plates worth. Last night, it was four. We’d also had saké to drink with dinner, and plum wine at the end of dinner. On the ride home, I slept!

We got home and within twenty minutes, our friends arrived. I was ready for bed at this point, having had such an energetic day for the first time in about two weeks. I settled into a chair and we chatted, and then broke out our newest favourite game – Redneck Life.
We had a great time! I had some more liquour to drink, and laughed quite a lot with my friends. I got buzzed but not drunk, and realised my stomach was really starting to hurt from all the bending forward to move game pieces and laughing. I started drinking water to move the alcohol through my system. By the end of the game, it was 2am, and my stomach and abdomen hurt pretty badly. It felt like I’d done too many situps. I wanted to take pain medication but I couldn’t because of the alcohol in my system.
Our guests bid us good night, and I whimpered as I put myself to bed.

This morning, I woke up and was still a bit sore, but we had yet another outing planned. We went to breakfast with two more friends, and then returned home. I badly wanted to lay about for the rest of the day, but I needed to do laundry for work, and take care of my car.

Someone else in the house also needs to do laundry, as her cat has been sick and her toilet overflowed this morning, so it will end up taking me most of the day to do laundry. Ah well. I dig my housemates, though. I’m not sure what the proper word for them is. I’d say ‘neighbors’ is probably appropriate, but we all live in the same huge victorian house. Even though each of us has our own private entrance with no common room, we’re still all living under one roof in this huge house. So I tend to use the term ‘housemates’ to refer to people in the other five units.

I also need to get gas and withdraw money to pay back my honey for breakfast this morning, and prepare the week’s allotment of bridge toll. Oi, work starts tomorrow again! I’m nervous. I hope I make it through the week okay, without having to come home early.
Tomorrow I’m also supposed to find out if I’ve been hired full time or not. I will be taking some anti-anxiety meds to get to sleep tonight!

The week after next is a four-day week due to Presidents’ Day. I’d have grimaced at the lack of pay for another day, but george is already due by that day, anyway, so I’ll likely need a day off, anyway.

As soon as I start bleeding, I’m supposed to start taking the birth control pill for “ovarian suppression”. There’s another bit of stress for me – I hope I don’t have complications that would warrant time off work.

Lastly, I want to complain that my throat is STILL sore, but my gums are healing up nicely. I am still spitting up a little phlegm, and therefore still fighting off illness. This is yet another thing that worries me with regards to the possibility of missing more work. I hope it doesn’t erupt into full blown illness. The flu is also going around, and several of my friends and one of my housemates has contracted it – they all say that it’s the worst flu they’ve had in years, and that it takes over a week to even begin feeling like they’re not on their death bed any longer. UGH. Stay away!

3 Responses to “Post-op, Day 11”

  1. Patricia

    Good luck at work tomorrow! Don’t over do yourself you still need lots of rest to help speed the healing. I’m glad to hear that you can get around more and sit upright for longer periods of time. Go Go Healing!

  2. Mel

    Glad you are getting better and stay the heck away from the sick people!

    I like the idea of Redneck Life board game… must enquire if they ship here – I think my teenagers would love that.

  3. zept

    Thanks, Patricia! Thanks sooo very much for all the e-cards and love you’ve been sending me. I will definitely remember this next time someone else I care about has a rough patch – you’re inspiring (and cute, too)!

    Dear Mel, I LOVE that boardgame – when’s yer birthday? What holidays do you celebrate out there that crazy U.S. people don’t know about? There’s a way to get you a copy of your very own to play! We’ve even added tiny toy babies to give a visual horror to the game’s tendency to saddle players with children! It also helps to be drinking thee worst beer available while playing the game. I know these things, having grown up an Appalachian-descended redneck, myself.