Post-op, Day 4

Post-op counting is easy when surgery was on the first of the month!

Today sucks. I slept for about nine hours before finally getting up due to extreme mid back pain. My body decided that after taking two vegetable laxatives yesterday, that it would finally like to crap.

You’d think two vegetable laxatives would have done the trick, right?


I’m all tore up. And I tried to be patient but it hurt. I finally pushed and well that made the entire abdominal region hurt.
That pretty much exhausted me for the rest of the day and I went back to bed for a couple of hours. Now I’m sitting on the couch (still wondering if the couch is a good idea or if I need to move laptop back to the bedroom), reporting all my post-op TMI to you, and wondering how to control pain without vicodin if the abdominal pain acts up again.

I have 600mg Ibuprofen in the house. I called the local pharmacist to ask about taking Ibu after having had Vicodin. She was so distracted she couldn’t even relay back to me what I’d asked. So I’ll call another pharmacy. I can’t get ahold of my regular doctors on a Sunday to ask for a new prescription and I only have one Tylenol 3 left in the house. I’m sure the Ibu is okay but I’m so sensitive to meds that it pays to be paranoid.

Another issue I’m still having is that my gums below my right molars are still all chewed up. I googled ‘intubation’ and looked up all the equipment. Looks like ‘the blade’ is what scraped my gums going in. The nurses had inspected my throat prior to sedating me and one said I’d need “a two” for intubation. I had told them to go easy on bending my head back due to neck injury from my car accident. My friend says perhaps they had trouble intubating me due to the neck issue. Hmm. I wouldn’t be surprised.
My throat has still been sore as well, but not too much. Mostly at night I feel it when I’ve not had anything to drink in a few hours.

Just called a second pharmacy. It’s okay to take the 600mg Ibuprofen. Wheee. Now time for more food, first.

1:55pm Edit: This just in – I’m bleeding. I was very very lightly spotting the day after surgery, then nothing. Now I have bright red again. Wonder how bad it will get.

4:29pm Edit: The bleeding is light. I have minor cramps, now, and I took an ibuprofen. I’m still very tired today. Still on the couch, drifting in and out of sleep. Listening to Radio Nigel on low volume. Fighting cabin fever but can’t seem to get up.

2 Responses to “Post-op, Day 4”

  1. Patricia

    Young lady what did I tell you about using your abdominal muscles! lol

    I did the vegie laxatives too but it took awhile for my body to be able to take a crap. God all the constipation just made all the pains hurt more.

    Did you get a hold of Dr. Milkmen about the bleeding?

  2. zept

    Sorry! :D

    Nope, I didn’t contact the doc – the bleeding subsided again – mostly just clearish discharge, now.