Post-op, Day 6

Last night I tried eating chicken again. I had yams with my meal.
Within an hour of consuming the meal, my intestines were irritated and gassy but it wouldn’t come out.

The intestines are trying to get back to normal in general – I defecated three times yesterday and twice so far today. My friend, who has also had the same surgery, called today to tell me that vegetables were in general pretty harsh on her for the first month after surgery. I’m finding this to be true for me, too. Even creamed corn isn’t holding up so well with me.

Fruit however seems to go just fine. I have bananas and some canned fruit, and my friend G brought over fresh strawberries on Saturday, which I’ve been eating.

I can sleep on my side with care, now, but sitting up still requires a reclining position, and I shudder to think of how I’m going to wear jeans or slacks by the time I return to work on Monday, let alone how I’m going to sit upright for eight hours.

I know my perspective of Monday comes only through today’s lens, and that it’s once again a manifestation of fear. I’m healing well, I mustn’t forget.

Painwise, the belly button is the most painful incision, and the area below the belly button on down to the pelvic area is spotted with large greenish bruises. This morning, both pelvic incisions were throbbing in unison for several minutes. Now it’s just sporadic pinching – mostly on the right side.

I tried to wear a bra yesterday for the first time since surgery, but finally took it off after about eight hours because it was digging in. Not that I’ve gotten larger since surgery – it’s just that with the breasts unrestrained, they are not so heavy on my ribs and shoulders as when they are restrained.
I lament the loss of muscle in my breasts since binding them so much when I had my gender issues a few years ago. Definitely this year I am going to strengthen those puppies up again.

This year I’m going to get back into bicycling and lifting weights. It’s too late to partake in the Cinderella Ride this year, but I do want to try for the Tour De Tahoe on Sunday – September 9, 2007.

There are several crows calling outside. Wish I could see them. It makes me so happy to hear crows – when I lived with my dad on the edge of the forest, I always loved hearing all the crows.

Whew. Naptime. I’m still easily wiped out.

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