Post-op, Day 7 – Complications and new developments

Well the left side pain got worse.
Worse enough to make me nauseous and whimpery.

I called my surgeon, who called back just after 11:30am. She told me I’m smack in the middle of my cycle, and I’m probably already ovulating. GAH!!!
For some reason I’d figured ovulation would be delayed this month. Stupid me.
Now I wish I would have gone ahead and gotten the tubal ligation while they were already in there.

The doc says I have ‘moderate disease’ for Endometriosis, but that she doesn’t give stage numbers to the disease anymore. She says that’s so old, but the Endometriosis Experts love to keep assigning what stage number the disease is at. It was at this point in my head that I compared my surgeon to University of California (UC) Santa Cruz – a college that didn’t assign letter grades for decades because they’re soooo liberal. ;)
‘Moderate’ is Stage III Endometriosis, btw.

Anyway, here’s where my mind was changed on the idea of putting synthetic hormones in my body. Right before speaking with my surgeon today, I read an article about ovarian suppression post-op. I discussed this with my doctor. She was relieved that I have been researching this and am open to changing my mind, because she’s really wanted me to try a low dose of birth control to try managing the disease.

She put in an order of Yasmin to my local pharmacy for me to take as soon as I begin menstruating.

Of course, I’m terrified.

The last time I took birth control was in 1991. It was the lowest dose of Loestrin. I took it for about three months and quit due to extreme mental depression and major anger issues. Then again, I was angry anyway back then. The Loestrin just took it and turned me into a psycho hosebeast. I should find my diary from that timeframe and see if I wrote much about how I was feeling on The Pill.

Dear gods, it took me nearly an hour and a half to write this entry because I keep dozing off. I am so wiped out.

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