Post-op, Day 7

Today I am a bad monkey. My impatience got the best of me, all before I could even start on my goals for today. But I know it won’t stop me from trying for my goals.

I am still having a lot of gas. I’m not sure if it’s still the carbon dioxide working its way out or if it’s food-related gas at this point. I tried to push the gas out and now I feel like I blew an ovary – the left ovary – the one the surgeon had to remove from the back of my uterus. Nice going!

Then I had to have a shower. I didn’t shower yesterday and today I wanted one badly. Well, that wiped me out, too – just simply having a shower. Now I’m sitting on the couch longways and wondering if I’ll make it out of the house today like I’d planned. I really want out of the house.

My goals for today are to climb some stairs to see how far I get before I feel any pain, and to drive my car around the block to see if I can handle that, too.
Reason being is that I have a long drive to work (37 miles / 59.5km) which takes over an hour of rush hour traffic to get to, and at work I have to climb a flight of stairs. My workplace wants to know if I’ll need a downstairs desk or not when I return.
Again, I know today’s question is asked through today’s lens for the future – five days out. I know they are impatient at work, too. I will make the best of things that I can.

…whooops, I had to take a twenty minute nap, there…

We’ve had a delayed winter, like a lot of the U.S. has, and now it’s finally hitting us. For the San Francisco Bay Area, this means rain. Today starts a seven day cycle of rain at the least. We’ll see how things get. Despite that, I don’t care, I want out of the house!

Too bad I can barely move right now due to extreme fatigue.

2 Responses to “Post-op, Day 7”

  1. Heather

    Stairs and driving – NO! You just had major surgery.
    Don’t make me come out there…

  2. zept

    Not to worry, my body told me NO before I went and did such things. The pain actually set in acutely after my shower – I recall a sharp pain in the left ovary area after lifting my left foot to wash it…hence my fears of ‘blowing an ovary’, which made my surgeon chuckle. I’ve been bedridden for the rest of the day. I’ve done nothing. NOTHING. :(