Post-op, Day 8

This is my first day sitting at my own desk at home, rather than laying in bed or on the couch with the laptop.

It feels so good to be on a faster computer. Wonder how long the excitement will last.

So far, today feels much better than yesterday. I made it to 10:30am without breaking!

11:08am Edit: … or not. My lower back, especially on the left side, just started cramping up while I was sitting at my desk. Now I have minor uterine pain, too. I’m back on the couch. But still, I made it TO my desk for about half an hour today!

1:57pm Edit: I tried sitting at my desk again while I ate lunch. I was able to sit for 45 minutes total before the pain became unbearable. The pain is like I’ve fallen and landed hard on my ass, shaking up everything in the pelvic/abdominal region. Ow.
Now I’m on 600mg Ibuprofen.

Special note to sis:
No, I won’t learn. I’m trying to establish my threshold and endurance for work. Only four more days before I have to return!
Don’t worry – I’ve effectively put off stair climbing and driving til Saturday.

One Response to “Post-op, Day 8”

  1. Chase

    I mentioned to my coworker that you were recovering from “girly surgery” no worries didn’t metion names. She said “oh, she had the extreme home makeover”. At this point I almost threw up from laughing. I think your cubby wubby womb room was remodeled.

    Just thought you could use some humor.