Post-op, Day 9 – continued

I’ve tackled two of my three goals for today.

I drove my car a couple of miles up and around the neighborhood streets.
When I got back into the house, I felt mildly menstrual crampy. The pain subsided within the hour, though. While I was in the car, I realised a few things: the car needs gas and oil, and the windshield wipers need to be replaced now that the rain has hit, and lastly, one of my left signal lights is out – not sure if it’s front or back. So a trip to the auto parts store is in order tomorrow.

On the desk front, I lasted about four hours before having to take a T3 for what is now mid to upper back pain from holding myself upright in a chair for so long. I could have quit earlier but I was stubborn and in the middle of a project. I’ve found yet another line in my Appalachian roots, and I’ve been busily documenting it for days, now.

By Monday, hopefully Ibuprofen will be good enough for the pain.

I still have not eaten any solid foods today (do rice crackers and corn puff cereal really count?) – mainly because I haven’t felt like eating eggs or chicken or hotdogs or chili, and that’s all I really have in the house. I’ll be hungry soon enough though.

One Response to “Post-op, Day 9 – continued”

  1. Patricia

    sounds like you are doing really good! I can not imagine driving after my surgery.