Post-op, Day 9

Last night I was able lift and shake the blankets back down over the bed before crawling in.

In the middle of the night I realised I could roll over onto either my left or my right side without pain.

However, this morning, I had some pretty bad gas pains which felt like searing hot pain throughout my pelvic region, just as I was getting up out of bed. It didn’t help that my boyfriend made me laugh so hard I cried first thing in the morning before I could even get out of bed. He was on his way to work and was being silly with the cat. I never knew a cat’s tail and bum could be used as a grenade launcher or machine gun!

So, laughing still equals danger.

Oh – I forgot to follow up regarding the sore throat and mouth. My sore throat never fully went away – since sugery – so it’s not from being intubated. I’ve been fighting something.
Also, my gums are STILL healing where they were scraped while being intubated.
On top of that, about three days ago I developed cankre sores on the inside of my bottom lip, further proving that I’m fighting off illness. I’ve been applying Benzocaine daily, and trying to remember to take my vitamins.
Today I woke up with a caked nose and throat. I’ve spit up phlegm several times this morning and it’s dark brownish yellow.


Now, my boyfriend had re-developed a sinus infection while I was away in Tahoe. He felt much better by the time I got home, and we cleaned the house prior to surgery. However, he’s been smooching me this week and it’s likely that he was still carrying infection and passed it on to me. After all, my immune system has been compromised from going through surgery.

If I get a sinus infection AGAIN from my boyfriend, I’m going to be VERY pissed off. He should have gotten on antibiotics when this happened the first time. *I* did!

There’s two other issues, still.

  1. My jaw grinding has not subsided since the surgery. It took me over a year to cure myself of TMJ after the car accident in 1994. I know I can do this again, but it’s an unwelcome side effect I was not anticipating to have to deal with. I haven’t worn my jaw splint since about 1997, so it would have to be refitted. I’ve been a decade overdue for hiring a dentist, anyway, so I’ll bring it up when I finally do go see one in the next month.
  2. I’m having nightmares. This is normal from what I’ve been reading of women who’ve had laparoscopic surgery. Last night’s nightmare involved a reworking of my first day of ninth grade. In the dream, I’d already on my first day met the two girls who would be my best friends through all of high school. I also had met the backstabbing white trash girl a grade ahead of me and she was already being crappy to me at lunch. And then there was my friend, G. I met her years after moving to California, but there she was on my first day of ninth grade high school in my dream/nightmare. So at least it was pretty cool and grounding to have G there. I remember that in the lunch line, I had to be careful of what I was going to eat because of my gluten issues – not something I worried about in real life back then. And the lunch of the day was mussels in the shell, but when I looked at the shells, the word ‘scarabs’ came to mind, and the lunch ladies were trying to tell me that it was ‘crab’ being served.

    The shells kinda looked something like this:
    Fossil shell from Houlgate, France
    Only, the shells were oval like scarabs, and the ridges were more pointy I guess you could say. They were definitely slate coloured like the fossil pictured above.

Today’s goals are to drive my car (just want to move it, it’s been sitting in one place for four days, now), try sitting at my desk for a longer period of time, and try eating solid foods again.

Wish me luck!

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