I suddenly got nauseated and my headache worsened and I had to sleep NOW, so I ended my last post rather abruptly.

2 hours later, I resume…

As I was saying, Patricia kept me happily distracted. The surgery wasn’t scheduled til 12:30pm on Thursday, and I couldn’t eat or drink anything after midnight the night before.
This is a problem, because when I wake up in the morning, I have to eat within a half an hour, or else I get hypoglycemic. So I wanted to sleep in as long as possible, get up, shower and go to the hospital to minimize the sugar-crash time.

I remember it being 1am and I still wasn’t anywhere near tired because of the anxiety over surgery the next day. So my friend had me dissolve two Lorazepam (generic Xanax) under my tongue. Once again, she rules for suggesting that, cuz I was convinced I should have water w/ the Lorazepam. And I couldn’t drink water after midnight. The pills didn’t taste so bad dissolved under the tongue, and I was ready for sleep within the hour.

The next morning, we all showered and got out of the house on time. The hypoglycemia I was so worried about never happened until I was at the hospital about to go in for surgery – because I was far too nervous to eat, anyway.

The fact that there was three of us in the car was a VERY good idea, because it meant we could ride in the carpool lane across the Bay Bridge. The traffic was horrible, but we zipped right past in the carpool lane. My man dropped us off in front of the hospital and went to park his car. I was called for my hospital room before my man even arrived at the hospital on foot (the closest parking garage is about 5 blocks away). When he arrived, I was already in my hospital gown and surgical hair cap.

The nurse who handled my IV was a pro – I barely felt it go in. But once the IV was in, my hand was irritated. That’s to be expected, sure, but it made me grumpy. We waited an hour, and an entire team was supposed to come in and introduce themselves to me, but instead, a few people trickled in over the hour and I never did get to meet the head anesthesiologist.
The three of us passed the time by watching shitty television and talking to one another. I’d brought a book but was too nervous to read.

Finally, my surgeon came in. She looked so cute in her scrubs and a backpack so big it looked like it would topple her small frame. She chatted with me and Patricia and officially met my man for the first time. She and one of the anesthesiologist people both recommended that instead of getting a tubal ligation, I could try an IUD.

Oh I forgot to tell you – at the last minute, the day before surgery, I panicked and decided I didn’t want to get a tubal ligation. I’d read a bunch of stories online of women who’d had major complications after a tubal – things like heavy bleeding and cramps – stuff I’m trying to get taken care of with surgery!!!
My surgeon told me that the stories I’d read pertain to people who had been on birth control pills for years, and had the complications with the tubal AND going off the birth control pills. Still, she didn’t try to talk me back into getting the tubal ligation, so that’s awesome. She suggested an IUD that puts out a small amount of progesterone locally. I’ll look into it.

Wow, the vicodin is hitting me – just took some after dinner. Down I go for another nap. More later.

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