Trying to breathe

Just 12 hours after taking the Yasmin for ovarian suppression, I awoke to such pain that ANY movement whatsoever triggered even more waves of pain. I laid in bed for over a half an hour trying to fall back asleep. I kept waking up and whimpering, so I got up.

This feels WORSE than the usual george pain I normally go through.

My teeth are gritting and the uterine pain feels white-hot and throbbing. I’m getting nauseated from the pain. I’ve taken a Tylenol 3 and now I’m burping up my dinner that I ate seven hours ago.

I’m pretty sure that pain this massive means I’m trying to pass something through my cervix. The bleeding got heavy while I was sleeping.
Can’t wait to see what kind of crap comes out, but I have been warned by reading other peoples’ post-op experiences.

Time to pace the house and do my breathing technique (a.k.a. Lamaze-style breathing) until the squid (or worse) passes through.

3:24am Edit: Just popped my second Tylenol 3. Both ovaries feel like they’re pinching/throbbing in unison. The entire pelvic region is on fire.

4:16am Edit: The pain has subsided quite a lot thanks to both the Tylenol 3 and the yoga poses I’ve been doing for the last half an hour. The yoga poses are found in a book called Fibroid Tumor and Endometriosis Self Help Book, by Susan M. Lark. I sat on my ankles and rested my forehead on the floor in ‘child’s pose’ for a couple of minutes at a time, and I also laid flat on my back on top of a knotted towel at the center of my back between my shoulder blades. I alternated between keeping my legs down on the ground and then knees bent with my feet planted on the floor.
Laying on my back with the knotted towel helped the most – especially when I also included a heating pad for the lower back.

Now I will try and get some sleep before the alarm goes off for work, and see how well I’m doing at that point, or whether I have to call in sick.

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