It’s not getting any better. Came home last night, did dishes, expressed my desire for a devastating earthquake to swallow me and everyone alive, and cried when my man was out of earshot.

This morning I found a list of shrinks in town covered by my man’s insurance (I’m still listed as domestic partner on his health insurance). I get 20 visits at $25 each. That’s about what, 4 months? Short term mental health care.

What I really want is for the government to give me my goddamned Social Security money. Every year they send me a statement of how much money I’ll be getting when I reach retirement age. But I know that there won’t be any money left in the Social Security fund when I’m of retirement age. Hell, according to the Fiscal Year 2008 Annual Performance Plan from the Social Security Administration, there won’t even be enough money left in the fund for people of retirement age in my mom and dad’s generation (Baby Boomers – many of whom already ARE of retirement age):

The large baby-boom generation (persons born between 1946 and 1964) is nearing retirement and most will have retired by 2030. Without changes to the program, there will not be enough workers to generate sufficient taxable income to support the Social Security benefits needed for the baby-boom generation. –Social Security Administration

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