another post-op update

Yesterday morning in the shower, another glue plug fell out. This was on the right side, and it left more of a hole than the one on the left side. I don’t think all of the glue came out of the incision on the left side, now that I look at it. so I’ve been keeping the right side incision bandaged. The only glue plug left now that’s been giving me grief is the belly button. Because I have a bit of a belly, the button gets irritated by damn near anything I wear, waistband or not. I’ve bandaged it from time to time but it seems to make it worse. *sigh*

The Yasmin has me very antsy. I have all sorts of energy. I’ve been coming home every night and turning the house into Club Steph. I dance and dance until I drip-sweat.

I’ve lost two pounds. YAY! Down to 153lbs (69kg).

Oh, and I just spent $150 that I shouldn’t have, but the outfit is friggin gorgeous and I *must* look fantastic for an upcoming gothic festival in May.

Retroscope Lolita shirt
Retroscope Lolita skirt

3 Responses to “another post-op update”

  1. Heather

    I miss Club Zept. It was always fun.
    The outfit is gorgeous! I’m guessing you’re going to Convergence in May?

  2. chase

    Damn you’re gonna be so fucking fine.

  3. zept

    Aw, thanks! Yes, I’ll be attending Convergence – it’s in Portland, Oregon this year. The theme is “A Dark Victorian Dream”.