I pedaled!

Yesterday the weather was so warm! My man and I went for a bicycle ride. We rode approximately 13 miles, from our home to the shoreline, across the San Leandro channel bridge onto Bay Farm “island”, and followed the bike path around the perimiter of Bay Farm, ending back up at the bridge and back onto the island of Alameda. Thirteen miles! My first ride since surgery!

Alameda and Bay Farm Island

(follow the green line around, basically)

From there, we rode to the bicycle shop and I rested while my man shopped for a new seat. Then we headed back towards home, stopping off at Julie’s Tea Garden for some lavendar lemonade and a lemon scone. Mmmmmm….

We got home, showered, rested, and headed back out to hang with some friends. It was an active, exhausting, wonderful weekend. :)

In the medical news for me, last night I picked up my second month’s worth of Yasmin, courtesy my surgeon, and a small bottle of Lorazepam (anti-anxiety to help with the spaztasticness side effect of the Yasmin) from my primary care doctor. Judging by how little they gave me, I assume I have to make an appointment to be seen.
I needed the Lorazepam, too, cuz I woke up with anxiety at 3:30am. Without the Lorazepam, I’d not be able to get those last two hours of sleep, becuase I’d be trying to breathe and trying not to have an all out panic attack.

I’ll call the primary doctor tomorrow at work for an appointment, cuz I forgot to do that today.

I was very tired at work today, and my butt is SO sore from bicycling. I didn’t panic once. Go fatigue and Lorazepam! :p

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